“This hurts, you left us too soon”: Terry Crews Joins Other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars to Mourn the Tragic Death of Andre Braugher

Terry Crews and co-stars Grieve Andre Braugher, a heartfelt tribute to the untimely departure of a beloved talent.

"This hurts, you left us too soon": Terry Crews Joins Other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars to Mourn the Tragic Death of Andre Braugher


  • Terry Crews pays heartfelt tribute to Andre Braugher, expressing disbelief and gratitude for their shared experiences on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Chelsea Peretti shares a touching tribute, highlighting the cherished moments and conversations with Andre Braugher and emphasizing his enduring impact.
  • Andre Braugher's passing, attributed to a brief illness, leaves a void in the entertainment industry, sparking global mourning.
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In a poignant twist of fate, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine community faces the profound grief of losing the cherished Andre Braugher. As a beloved figure within the cast, the 61-year-old’s untimely departure resonates deeply. Terry Crews, among other luminaries from the acclaimed comedy series, has stepped into the limelight to lament the loss of his co-star.

Terry Crews
Terry Crews

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Braugher’s extraordinary talent and invaluable contributions have carved an enduring legacy in the hearts of both fans and fellow cast members.


Terry Crews Honors The Memory Of The Late Andre Braugher

Terry Crews
Terry Crews as Joe in Tales of the Walking Dead, Season 1 (Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC)

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In a deeply moving homage, Terry Crews honors the indelible legacy of the late Andre Braugher. A co-star whose profound memory lingers in the hearts of those touched by his brilliance.

The entertainment industry is plunged into mourning. Braugher, renowned for his Emmy-winning roles in Homicide: Life on the Street and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, passed away at the age of 61.


Expressing his disbelief on Instagram, Crews, who portrayed Lieutenant Terry Jeffords in the Golden Globe-winning series, reflects on the shocking news.

“Can’t believe you’re gone so soon. I’m honored to have known you, laughed with you, worked with you, and shared 8 glorious years watching your irreplaceable talent. This hurts. You left us too soon.”


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A post shared by Terry Crews (@terrycrews)

He writes, encapsulating eight glorious years of shared laughter, work, and irreplaceable talent. The pain of Braugher’s untimely departure is palpable as Crews pays homage to the profound impact, wisdom, and friendship the late actor bestowed upon him.

Adding another layer to the collective grief, Chelsea Peretti, who portrayed Gina, also shares a poignant image of Braugher in his police uniform, professing love and cherishing their unique conversations. She shares,


“Love you. I will always cherish our conversations, often with me hanging in your doorway barring your exit, and the insane opportunity to be your sidekick.”


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A post shared by Chelsea Peretti (@chelsanity)

The tribute not only immortalizes Braugher’s enduring spirit but also underscores the privilege of being part of his journey.

However, amid the outpouring of tributes, questions linger about the cause of Braugher’s death.

What Was The Cause Of Andre Braugher’s Death?

André Braugher as Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
André Braugher as Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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The unexpected departure of acclaimed actor Braugher. He is renowned for his Emmy-winning performances and has cast a somber veil over fans and the entertainment sphere.

Mourned by a global audience, the star of the iconic series left an indelible mark on the industry. Braugher’s passing elicited a flood of grief and condolences across social media when the news was disclosed by his publicist on Monday.

As per Marca, reported by his spokesperson, Jennifer Allen, Braugher succumbed to a “brief illness.” Specifics regarding the nature of the ailment leading to the demise of the former Juilliard alum remain undisclosed.


His portrayal of the stoic police chief in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a role spanning from 2013 to 2021, earned him accolades for its iconic monotony. Contributing significantly to the show’s success alongside co-stars Andy Samberg and Crews.

Born and raised in Chicago, Braugher’s absence will be keenly felt by admirers of both his comedic and dramatic prowess. Tragically, his demise also halted his upcoming project, the Netflix show Residence, scheduled to commence filming early next year.

Survived by his wife, actor Ami Brabson, and three children, Braugher’s legacy resonates as a profound loss in the world of entertainment.


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