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The Russo Brothers Share Wes Anderson’s Version of The Avengers That Has Left Fans Demanding For a Special What If…? Episode in the Future

The Russo Brothers Share Wes Anderson’s Version of The Avengers That Has Left Fans Demanding For a Special What If…? Episode in the Future

The Russo Brothers duo comprising of Joe Russo and Anthony Russo were a part of the Marvel Studios for a long time, though they have now parted ways with the superhero genre giant. They directed four major MCU films, including Civil War, The Winter Soldier, Infinity War, and Endgame. The duo had spent quite a time at the studios directing some of MCU’s finest work!

The Russo Brothers
The Russo Brothers

 While they haven’t been a part of MCU for a while, they recently shared a fascinating post about the superheroes on their official Instagram account. The Russo Brothers reposted a post from an AI artist, who reimagined what the Marvel superheroes would like if they were directed by reputed director Wes Anderson, back in 1980.

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The Russo Brothers’ Fascination with AI Art

Avengers AI art
One of Digiguru’s Marvel AI Artwork

Reposting the artwork of AI artist, Adam Hall who goes by the username ‘thedigiguru’ on Twitter, The Russo Brothers captioned the post “Holy s**t. Where can we watch this?” The images shared by the duo showed the mighty Avengers in an earlier setting, more specifically, if they were directed in the 1980s by director Wes Anderson. From Captain America to The Guardians of the Galaxy, Hall wonderfully depicted the Avengers in different settings using an Artificial Intelligence known as Midjourney.

The photos show the MCU characters in various scenarios, including Thanos sporting a huge beard, Black Panther looking cooler than ever, Captain America with his superhero buddies, Peter Quill in a spaceship with multiple raccoons, Ant-Man with a helmet, Tony Stark admiring his creation, and so on. Check out the AI artwork that caught the attention of The Russo Brothers below.

After the post found fame, Hall posted more “outtakes” of his AI work on his Instagram while thanking the duo for sharing his Twitter post and saying hello to his newfound followers. In his post, Hall revealed that he had asked The Russo Brothers to “hook Wes up with Marvel,” appearing hopeful of the uncanny combination becoming a reality in the future. Though, it doesn’t seem like a wish that will come true.

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The Possibility of Wes Anderson Directing a Marvel Film

Filmmaker Wes Anderson
Filmmaker Wes Anderson

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Well, to be completely honest, Anderson and Marvel don’t seem like a match made in heaven. His style is completely different and he is too busy making movies that he likes. It’s highly unlikely that the Rushmore director will be seen at Marvel Studios. Maybe the artwork style could be a part of a future What If…? episode titled ‘What if Wes Anderson directed an MCU film?” For now, though, fans of the combo just might have to use their imagination on this one. However, thanks to the AI artist, the task is now much simpler.

When it comes to The Russo Brothers returning to direct another MCU masterpiece, this might not be happening anytime soon either. The duo has made it quite clear in an interview with Variety that they aren’t returning, at least until the end of the decade. Right now, The Russo Brothers are busy with other projects, including a limited series with Amazon which focuses on the FTX crypto scandal.

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