Despite Sexist and Racist Trolls Blasting it, Netflix’s The Sandman Becomes Largest Streaming Show Ever With “23.8 Times More Demand of The Average Series”

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Before the release of Netflix’s much-acclaimed The Sandman, fans of the Neil Gaiman dark fantasy and horror fiction comic book series were wondering whether the latest endeavor could carry forward the writer’s legacy. As it appears, the show has produced astounding results when it comes to its commercial and critical success. This comes off as a pleasant turn of events, following several sexist and racist comments by online trolls, made in an attempt to deny the credibility and narrative brilliance of the show.

The Sandman Netflix Teaser
Netflix’s The Sandman Teaser Poster

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With new reports coming to the surface, the show, which features the story of Morpheus, has surpassed many other commendable and successful Netflix series when it comes to its performance statistics.


The Largest Streaming Show Ever

According to the statistical reports provided by a media analytics company named Parrot Analytics, the latest Netflix series which is based on the DC comics of the same name has garnered 23.8 times the demand of the average series.” This is quite a remarkable feat. This analytical data takes into consideration consumer activity, streaming numbers, the scale of downloads, and engagements received on social media platforms. 

The Neil Gaiman adaptation garners immense success
The Neil Gaiman adaptation garners immense success

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The success of The Sandman can be credited to Neil Gaiman and his storytelling brilliance. It is no surprise to the fans that the series has topped the Netflix streaming charts for a consecutive two weeks, with two hundred million viewing hours recorded for the show. While a surprising 11th episode was recently released, which features a two-part story, the plausibility of a second season has excited the fans to no end. According to Executive Producer, David S. Goyer, the scripts for a second installment are already being worked upon. It’d be exciting and intriguing to see what the next season would include and bring to the table in the mythical, dark world of The Sandman. 


The Sandman Faced Criticisms By Online Trolls

A still from the teaser-trailer for The Sandman.
The Sandman (2022)

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Much like the treatment given to most releases nowadays, people can never be content with a promising story. Before the release of the outstanding series, trolls on the Internet had a lot to say about the casting choices of The Sandman. The comments reached an aggravated peak where even the author of the famous comic book series, Gaiman, had to put it to rest.

What was the problem to begin with? Well, some people expressed disappointment over the inclusion of Johanna Constantine at the expense of John Constantine, a character everyone loved and revered in the Hellblazer comic book series. Some fans were upset as The Sandman comics featured both John and Johanna Constantine, but only Johanna appears in the Netflix series and is the primary character to represent the warlock.

Death and Johanna Constantine
Death and Johanna Constantine

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Others were expressing criticism at the fact that Kirby Howell-Baptiste, a Black actress, played Death of the Endless in the show, which stands in stark contrast to the comic books where the figure is mainly portrayed as white. Another element that sparked the critical discussion was Mason Alexander Park, a non-binary actor, playing the role of Desire.

These were primarily the reasons why some trolls resorted to attacks and harassment on the Internet. To this, author Neil Gaiman had the most fitting responses on Twitter. In one of his tweets, the writer said the following:


“I give zero f*cks about people who don’t understand/ haven’t read Sandman whining about a non-binary Desire or that Death isn’t white enough. Watch the show, make up your minds.”

With the latest reports showing the demand for the series, which has increased tenfold, it is obvious that such statements made by trolls will never match up to the positive reception of the Netflix show. With many hailing it as a great adaptation, fans will be excitedly awaiting a second installment.

The Sandman is streaming exclusively on Netflix, with a surprise two-part 11th episode out now.

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