The Sandman Season 2 Teaser Reveals First Look of 3 New Endless

The Endless wait comes to an end as fans are introduced to 3 new members of the Endless

the sandman season 2


  • The Sandman Season 1 was a critical success.
  • With fans longing for a new season, Netflix has finally revealed a first look.
  • The new season will witness the inclusion of 3 new Endless to the cast.
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When Netflix revealed that it was planning to come forth with an adaptation of DC Comics’ The Sandman, people were excited. While many were elated, there were some who had doubts about the project. But the series, which aired in 2022, proved them all wrong. It was a critical success, managing to bring to life a host of the fabled Endless on screen. And the new season will witness the introduction of 3 new members of the Endless.


The Sandman Season 2 explores the world of the Endless

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman knew he had a task up his hands with Season 2 | Credit: nrkbeta / Wikimedia Commons

Created by Neil Gaiman, the Endless are considered one of the oldest entities in DC Comics, predating even fairies, gods, and other supernatural entities. With each Endless being in-charge of a specific domain, and with each having sovereignty in their domain, they are characters who can hold their own. And it is no wonder that Netflix must get many things right to satiate the expectations of the faithful of DC Comics.

Season 1 managed to get the lore right, being directly adapted from The Sandman comics which hit the shelves in 1989. With Season 2 shifting focus to Season of Mists, things look sure to take a turn for the better. But Gaiman knows that certain additions needed to be made. And it seems like he has nailed at the casting.

Fans had to wait patiently for getting a glimpse of the cast for Season 2

The Sandman
Fans couldn’t wait for the return of The Sandman | Credit: Netflix / YouTube

The first season of The Sandman introduced us to Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus AKA Dream. The season also acquainted fans with the likes of Death played by Kirby Howell Baptiste, Desire played by Mason Alexander Park, and Despair, played by Donna Preston. While the quadruple enthralled fans with their performance, the ending of the first season has set things up nicely.


With fans’ expectations piqued, the wait for Season 2 seemed to be stretching excruciatingly long. And just when fans had stopped thinking about what was going to come their way, Netflix dropped a new sneak peek into Season 2. And it has a pleasant surprise.

The Sandman Season 2 introduces fans to more Endless

Tom Sturridge
Season 2 will witness the addition of new members of Endless alongside Tom Sturridge | Credit: Tsintotwo / Wikimedia Commons

The Sandman Season 2 will witness the introduction of three new members of Endless. The new Season will introduce Destiny, played by Adrian Lestor, Delirium, played by Esme Creed-Miles, and The Prodigal, played by Barry Slaone. The inclusions look all set to add a new dimension to the show.

With the duo of Desire and Despair plotting against Morpheus, he is in dire need of some help. And while Death has helped out her sibling in the hour of need, the other members of the Endless will play pivotal roles going forward. In the Comics, the Endless are nothing less than a dysfunctional ‘family’. But their fates are entwined.


The release date of The Sandman Season 2 is yet to be confirmed. But word is that it will hit Netflix next year.

Here is the introduction of the new faces of the Endless:

Meet the new faces of the Endless in the next season of THE SANDMAN


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