“The scariest element of this was… the outline of my N*pple”: Jennifer Lawrence Made a Terrible Mistake by Bringing Her Dad to Watch Her Movie

"The scariest element of this was... the outline of my N*pple": Jennifer Lawrence Made a Terrible Mistake by Bringing Her Dad to Watch Her Movie
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Debuting in the 2017 Venice International Film Festival, Mother! is a psychological horror film starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kristen Wiig. Owing to the biblical allegories incorporated by the makers, the movie found itself amidst controversies but it seems that even Jennifer Lawrence’s own family had some unexpected reactions to the film.

Jennifer Lawrence with her family
Jennifer Lawrence (2nd, L) poses with her brother Ben (L), her mother Karen, her father Gary (2nd R) and her brother Blaine at the 85th Academy Awards

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Oscar-winning actress revealed that her father, Gary Lawrence, was not prepared for what he saw on the screen, even though Jennifer had warned her family about it all.

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Jennifer Lawrence revealed the scariest element of shooting in front of her family

Set in a tranquil country home, Mother! is a story that revolves around a young woman whose peaceful existence with her husband is disrupted when an enigmatic couple arrives. Although the critics generally responded positively to the film, appreciating its artistic merits and the performances of the cast, the profound religious references and intense scenes ignited debates and divided opinions among viewers.

Jennifer Lawrence in Mother (2017).
Jennifer Lawrence in Mother (2017).

During her conversation with Seth Myers, Jennifer Lawrence explained that she wasn’t wearing a bra frequently in the film because her character represented Mother Earth. Unfortunately, this detail slipped her mind while watching the movie alongside her father. And each time her character’s more revealing moments came on screen, Gary Lawrence would audibly gasp in surprise.

“And it was also an odd choice for me to have my entire family, just for this particular movie. It was your choice. I warned them and any time I went there, I wasn’t really wearing a bra a lot because I am like Mother Earth and my dad was sitting next to me and I had just forgotten about that. And every time there would be a shot, my dad would go ‘Oh’ (gasp in shock)”

And naturally, Meyers seized the opportunity to ask about the “scariest element” of the horror movie for her father. While Jennifer Lawrence burst into laughter before admitting, “It was the outline of my n*pple.”


Having generated significant controversy due to its biblical allegories and portrayal of violence, the movie registered a worldwide box-office collection of $44.5 million.

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How did Liev Schreiber help Jennifer Lawrence escape the awkward situation?

Thankfully, the presence of Liev Schreiber at the screening helped Lawrence to shift the focus away from the awkwardness. Her father, who is a big fan of Schreiber’s character Ray Donovan was immediately fascinated by the actor’s presence at the event. This probably made him forget about the movie and as the Hunger Games actress recalled, he kept on talking about Schreiber the rest of the day.

Liev Schreiber
Liev Schreiber

“My dad had been talking all day about how Ray Donovan was at the premiere,” Lawrence shared. She and Meyers jokingly concluded that “all dads picture themselves as Ray Donovan,” referencing the popular TV character portrayed by Schreiber. Lawrence further added humorously, “It was like the Liam Neeson Taken, the speech. You know they all did that in the shower — every day.”

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While Jennifer Lawrence’s psychological horror with Biblical allegories drew attention and sparked conversations, it seems that her father’s unintentional reactions were the only controversy Lawrence was anxiously scared of.


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