The Story Behind Robert Downey Jr. Standing Up For Fellow Avengers Cast

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The Avengers casts ran into disputes against the Marvel Studios during the making of Age of Ultron. No doubt the film was great hits to the theatre and also one of the most expensive movies ever made. But behind the scenes, the drama wasn’t good.


Robert Downey Stood Up For Himself And His Cast Members

When Robert Downey Jr took a stand for 'Avengers' cast over a ...
Robert Downey Supports his castmates

According to the 2013 Deadline report, when Marvel was busy developing Avengers: Age of Ultron, the cast member appears to ask for a hike in salaries as they think they deserve a bit more than they were getting. During the whole scenario, many cast members threatened that they would walk out of the project. Hence, Robert Downey Jr forced to stand up for them against Marvel.

As per the news, after the success of Iron Man 3 and announcement of Avengers 2, many actors tried negotiating their contract with Marvel. Reportedly Robert Downey earned around $70 million for first avenger movie more than Iron Man 3. But the actor himself wants a hike in salary. In a talk show with Jon Stewart’s show, he said,


I don’t know. I had a long contract with them, and now we’re going to renegotiate.

Marvel’s Inadequate Conduct Toward The Cast

When Robert Downey Jr threatened to quit as Iron Man after Marvel ...
The Marvel is not paying good and harassing its member

An insider reveals that some of the cast members paid $200,000 for Avenger while Robert Downey paid $50 million. This caused some bad blood among the cast. An insider even tells Marvel already begun to strong-arming and bullying on sequels.

A report of Nikke Finke discloses that Marvel already has threatened to sue or recast the members if the contracts are challenged. To this few cast member replied with a ‘Go-Ahead’. Further on Chris Hemsworth, in particular, was not happy with this treatment and thought of not returning for more Thor film. Further, the reporter wrote about Robert Downy she said:

“I’ve learned the Avengers cast are becoming united behind Robert Downey Jr who seen as the ‘leader’ – like ‘a big brother’ in the words of one rep – for all the younger actors in the ensemble.” One insider describe, “He’s the only guy with real power in this situation. And b*ll of steel, too. He’s already sent a message that he’s not going to work for a place where they treat his colleagues like sh*t.”

Deadline questioned Director About The Scenario.

Joss Whedon Exits Warner Bros' 'Batgirl' Movie – Deadline
The Director doesn’t speak up

The deadline asks Joss Whedon about the drama, and while he defends Marvel, he says “I’m not going to comment specifically because I’m not privy to that sort of stuff and I don’t think it’s my place to talk about. In general terms, yes – Marvel can be very cheap, God knows. They can also be sensible and frugal. They have the minimal infrastructure, and they’re not heaping this money on themselves.”


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