The Strongest Pokémon Can Decimate Mewtwo in Seconds- Insane Powers of the “God” of Pokémon Universe, Arceus

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The Strongest Pokémon Can Decimate Mewtwo in Seconds- Insane Powers of the "God" of Pokémon Universe, Arceus

Mewtwo is a special type of Pokémon that was created in a lab by scientists with the DNA of “Mew.” It’s a super-strong Pokémon with psychic powers like telekinesis (moving things with its mind) and telepathy (talking in your mind). Mewtwo can even fly using its telekinesis and understand what other Pokémon are saying.

Mewtwo is pretty complex emotionally and acts a bit like a proud and powerful person. It knows it’s really strong and can sometimes be bossy. It can handle a lot of physical stress, can teleport, and learn new things during battles, all without needing a trainer to tell it what to do.


Mewtwo is strong in the Pokémon world. Not many Pokémon can match its power, and only a few would be foolish enough to challenge it.

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But there is a Pokémon who is more powerful than Mewtwo, and it is even considered the ‘God’ of Pokémon. Its powers are so insane that Mewtwo doesn’t even think about fighting it.

In this article, you’ll get to know the strongest Pokémon who can defeat even Mewtwo in a heartbeat and the crazy strength of the “God” of Pokémon.

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Arceus: The “God” of Pokémon

Arceus is the most powerful Legendary Pokémon. Even it is the God of the Pokémon world. It created everything, including the Creation Trio of three powerful Pokémon called Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, who control time, space, and an alternate dimension.


It also made the Lake Guardians Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, which represent knowledge, emotion, and willpower. Arceus is considered the God because it created the entire Pokémon universe using its “1000” arms.

Arceus doesn’t actually have any arms. The idea of “1000 arms” is likely a metaphor. Some people think it might relate to Arceus’ move “Judgment,” but we’re not sure about that.

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Delusional Powers of The God of Pokémon

Arceus is a special Pokémon with a unique ability called Multitype. This ability allows it to change its type depending on the plate or type-specific Z-Crystal it holds, like a Flame Plate turning it into a Fire-type or a Pixie Plate making it a Fairy type, while holding a Waterium Z will make it a Water type.

The God of Pokemon
The God of Pokemon

Arceus is incredibly powerful and can even take on multiple legendary Pokémon like Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga at once. It can also communicate using telepathy, similar to Mewtwo.

Arceus has strong stats, and if it holds a Ghost Plate, it becomes super effective against Mewtwo. In a battle between the two, Arceus with a Ghost Plate would likely have a significant advantage.

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