The Strongest Swordman in ‘One Piece’ Mihawk’s Worst Nightmare May Come True If He Fights Luffy’s Guardian Angel Shanks

The Strongest Swordman in 'One Piece' Mihawk's Worst Nightmare May Come True If He Fights Luffy's Guardian Angel Shanks
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In the One Piece world, Shanks and Mihawk are two of the strongest characters. They are well-known fighters with intricate history with each other. They used to participate in duels during the Great Pirate Era, and their battles were said to be legendary. Characters like Whitebeard were even aware of these strong warriors and how deep their rivalry went. However, when Shanks lost one of his arms, Mihawk stopped considering him a rival. Even though Shanks trained and grew more powerful since then, he became a Yonko. However, fans didn’t give up on their rivalry, and it’s still an ongoing debate: who will win?


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Is Mihawk actually stronger than Shanks in One Piece?

Luffy's guardian angel, Shanks
Luffy’s guardian angel, Shanks

Fans have always been wondering about who is stronger: Shanks or Mihawk. Considering the fact that both of them used to spar with each other in the old pirate times. Even since Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk refused to duel with him. Many fans believe that he doesn’t consider Shanks a worthy rival, while others state that Shanks can win against Mihawk due to his mastery of Advanced Conqueror’s Haki. However, the answer to this everlasting debate was presented in Chapter 1058 of One Piece Manga. Mihawk’s bounty was revealed, and it was explicitly said that Mihawk’s skill as a swordsman surpasses Shanks’ abilities.


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Does Mihawk have a lower bounty than Shanks in One Piece?

Mihawk from One Piece
Mihawk from One Piece

Both characters, Shanks and Mihawk, are well-known in the Pirate world and are outstanding pirates. Their names are feared, and both are considered legendary with massively high bounties. It was revealed in chapter 957 of One Piece Manga that Shanks carries a bounty of 4,048,900,000 berries. Despite being a flawless fighter, Shanks isn’t reckless. With that being said, it is a known fact that the more reckless someone is with their actions, the higher the bounty they’ll acquire. But with Shanks, that ain’t the case. Mihawk’s bounty was also revealed in a recent Manga chapter as 3,590,000,000 berries. The amount of bounty isn’t a good factor to signify how strong the character is, so Mihawk having less bounty than Shanks doesn’t imply that he is any less powerful than him.

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How powerful is Shank’s Conqueror’s Haki in One Piece?

Shanks from One Piece
Shanks from One Piece

Shanks’ most prominent power is his mighty Conqueror’s Haki. The Mangaka has foreshadowed his great power from time to time in the series. Even Whitebeard praised his power. Shanks was able to overwhelm everyone in Marineford. Even in the One Piece Film Red, his Conqueror’s Haki was able to defeat two Admirals at the same time and knock out a Vice Admiral of the Navy. However, what makes him so powerful is the ability to channel his Haki towards an opponent from a long range.

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