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“The threats are real”: Charlize Theron’s Small Role in Fast X Says More About Fast and Furious 11 Than the Fans Realize

Charlize Theron's Small Role in Fast X Says More About Fast and Furious 11 Than the Fans Realize

After making a blast at the box office, the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast X, makes its OTT debut. Fans can now rewatch the street racing film in their comfort zones. However, filmmaker Louis Leterrier has requested the fans to take notes this time when they watch the film on OTT. During an interview, Leterrier shared that there are scenes in the film that hint at the future events in the Fast & furious franchise.

The filmmaker emphasized that there are several hints in the movie if a viewer closely listens to its dialogues. Moreover, the filmmaker claimed that there is a scene in the film that includes actress Charlize Theron dropping major hints about the upcoming events in the franchise.

Fast X
Fast X

Fast X director claims that the film dropped some hints about Fast & Furious 11

Renowned director Louis Leterrier is known for delivering films like The Incredible Hulk, Unleashed, Now You See Me, and many more. Recently, the filmmaker made his directorial debut in the Fast & Furious franchise with the tenth installment of the film series, Fast X. With his impeccable directorial vision, Leterrier once again impressed the audience.

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Louis Leterrier
Louis Leterrier

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After its theatrical release in May 2023, the film recently made its OTT debut on Peacock. While fans are excited to rewatch the film at their homes, during an interview with Cinemablend, the Leterrier requested all the viewers of the film to pay close attention to the film’s dialogues before watching the film again. The filmmaker said that the tenth installment of the film includes some major hints for the next Fast & Furious film. Leterrier said,

 “Listen to what is said, listen to the dialogue. I think people enjoy the visuals, the flare, and the fun, and everything. But there are some scenes that are designed where the conversations, the threats are real. When something sticks out, it’s for a reason.” 

The filmmaker further emphasized that there is not just one scene in the film that encompasses some hints for Fast and Furious 11, but about five such scenes contain clues for the next installment. 

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Charlize Theron’s featuring scene gives a major hint for the next installment

Charlize Theron as Cipher
Charlize Theron as Cipher

During the same interview, Louis Leterrier revealed the scene where the audience can some clue about the next installment. According to Cinemablend to get the first hint, viewers have to wait for approximately 15 minutes and 48 seconds into the film.

There is a scene where Cipher (played by Charlize Theron) arrives in a wounded condition and tells Dom and Letty,

“There’s a war is coming, sides are being chosen, and everyone you love will be destroyed.” 

Cipher’s remark here is a clue that suggests that Dom could lose even more family members in the next Fast & Furious 11. Leterrier said,

“Let’s start with the beginning. The moment where Cipher enters Dom and Letty’s house. Whatever she says will inform everything.” 

To get the complete context of the film, fans have to wait for Fast & Furious 11, which is expected to release in 2025. 

Fast X is available to be streamed on Peacock TV.

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Source: Cinemablend

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