The Top 10 Anti-Heroes In Marvel Comics.

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Some characters might save the day, but they aren’t what you’d necessarily call a ‘Hero’. Let’s meet the Anti-Heroes of the Marvel Universe

What is an anti-hero? What separates them from heroes? Are they people who teeter back and forth between a hero and a villain? Well, they’re not much different from what heroes are. Rather it’s just a fine line of laws these superhumans break to carry out their missions which sets them a little apart.
Marvel is full of certain characters who are ready to do anything it takes to reach their goal– no matter the cost. Be it taking hundreds of innocent lives, widespread destruction, or knocking off an entire building, these antiheroes will leave no stone unturned to let justice prevail.


Let’s have a look at the best anti-heroes in the Marvel’s comic and cinematic universe

10. Elektra


Elektra is known primarily as the love interest and sometime antagonist of Matt Murdock. She has worked as a bounty hunter and a hireable assassin in New York. With ninja-like fighting abilities, Elektra is usually seen with her trademark blade in either hand. She was trained by Stick, the same man who tutored Daredevil. Elektra was killed at the hands of Bullseye and was later resurrected by Stone. Marvel and creator Frank Miller had agreed to keep her character gone but she proved too popular to be kept out of the action.

9. Gambit

Gambit was abandoned by his parents on birth when they saw their baby born with burning red eyes. He began his life on the streets of New Orleans as a petty thief. He leads his early life as a member of the Thieves Guild who tried to instill hatred and vengefulness into him. Aside from his endless powers over kinetic energy almost being used for crime, Gambit has been an essential aid to the X-Men. The playing cards which Gambit keeps as a weapon remain charged with kinetic energy and explode when fired during combat.


8. Venom

When the character made its debut, he was only a villain who sought his revenge from the wall-crawler, Spiderman. What makes Venom so enthralling is the underlying sensibility that stokes Eddie Brock. From the start, he was a tortured, complex character, run by conflicting sentiments. As time went by, Venom learned to use his strengths in the name of those less fortunate, during which he transitioned from a badass villain to an even more badass antihero. He has become one of the most iconic Marvel anti-heroes and antagonists in the entire comics landscape.

7. Cable


Son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, Nathan Summers alias Cable first appeared in 1986’s Uncanny X-Men #201. Cable is extremely powerful and enriched with telekinetic and telepathic skills that enable him to penetrate the minds of people around him, move objects. Founder of the X-Force, Cable was a mentor to the New Mutants and taught them war-like combat skills. Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus Apocalypse as a child and which converted him into a weaponized human with a cybernetic eye and arm.

6. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is also called the spirit of vengeance. When he’s around evil, his flesh lights up with hellfire causing his head to become a flaming skull. The character of Ghost Rider has been taken up by multiple names in the past, but what each one of them shares in common is their commitment to avenging and guarding the innocent, as well as their willingness to dish out unmerciful punishment to evildoers in the process. The most known mantle of Ghost Rider has been played by Jonny Blaze


5. Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes was a highly trained Black-ops soldier who was a known sidekick to Captain America. Often he would go about the enemy lines and ease things up for Cap putting his own life at risk. Before he took up the Winter Soldier persona, Bucky Barnes was resurrected by the Russians and used as a Soviet assassin. Eventually, Bucky shook the brainwash and used his Winter Soldier persona for good.

4. Blade


Blade made his first appearance in 1973 in The Tomb of Dracula #10. This half-vampire half-human character was meant to be a supporting character when it was launched. The fans grew so fond of him that Marvel later started his own comic series. He’s a known swordsman who slaughters all kinds of supernatural creatures with his titanium blade.

3. Punisher

The Punisher might be the only non-superpowered all human anti-hero on our list. Punisher’s name comes to no surprise on this list. Trained in the military, Frank Castle lost his family due to a mob hit. He might seem to be a regular guy but the former has put his expert military training to lethal use. The writer of Punisher claims that Castle has over 48,502 kills to his name.


2. Wolverine

He might prove to be the most suitable person for the job he takes up, but his ways of carrying it out cause havoc. He’s equipped with three retractable adamantium claws that stick in almost everything. Wolverine is a genuinely good guy and the number of times he has redeemed himself for the miseries caused almost wants us to title him as a superhero. But because Wolverine makes no hesitancy in dropping blood or killing those who stand between him and his mission he accounts to be our number 2 antihero.

1. Deadpool


Deadpool is the epitome of an antihero. He’s our top spot claimer as no other character of Marvel Universe fits to be more worthy of this spot. Wade Wilson’s saucy attitude and sense of humor have made him the favorite of millions. The madness that Deadpool causes are enough to make anyone go crazy. But the man literally fears nobody. He doesn’t care who pays, as long as they pay and carry out his missions in the most bizarre possible way. Cable is considered to be the only one who can stand the wit of The Merc with a Mouth.

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