The Walking Dead and 4 Other Collaborations that Actually Work in Call of Duty: Warzone

From Rick Grimes to Bruce Willis, everyone gets to be cool in Warzone.

The Walking Dead and 4 Other Collaborations that Actually Work in Call of Duty: Warzone


  • Over the years, Call of Duty: Warzone has had multiple collaborations, and some of these have brought the best action-packed sequences from different franchises.
  • Characters like Rambo and John McLane have spirtiually kept their personalities alive and active through the battlefield, thanks to these collabs.
  • Most live-service games make an attempt at keeping things fresh by doing collabs every now and then, but only few manage to make it look and feel awesome.
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Call of Duty: Warzone is a high-adrenaline game that puts you in a chaotic situation against players without giving you much to begin with. However, every match in this battle royale game becomes a unique experience compared to the last time you tried it out, and there’s something that makes the game’s overall replayability even more fun.


Collaborations are a neat way for modern online games to stay fresh and exciting. And, Warzone is no different. From The Walking Dead to Godzilla, some franchises found their home in the high-risk high-reward game. And, they felt right at home! Here are some of them that felt perfectly in place.

The Walking Dead made things even more terrifying

Call of Duty: Warzone collab
Rick Grimes makes an entry as one of the best survivalists from a beloved franchise.

The Walking Dead is a franchise that has resonated with fans for several years now. Through shows, comics, and video games, characters like Rick and Daryl have shown audiences what it means to survive a realm ridden by horrifying zombies.


The franchise’s entry into Warzone felt right at home, as the intensity of a series all about the undead clearly shone in a similar light on the battlefield.

Godzilla and Kong carry their fight into Call of Duty: Warzone

Imagine this; two giants fighting each other to showcase who’s biologically supreme…. only to find themselves around tiny human beings with guns running around, more confused than ever. This was pretty much the premise of the game when Godzilla and Kong showed up in the game, bringing on one of the film industry’s biggest fights to Warzone.

The one-time players were willing to Die Hard in the game

John McLane has quite the reputation in Hollywood for being one of the most sorted, badass heroes to ever exist. And, it felt like his skills carried over into the battlefield when he appeared as an operator for the NATO faction in the game.


His voice lines and personality from Die Hard had fans drooling and made for one of the best collabs the game ever witnessed. Moreover, the guns feel right in his hands, and for good reason.

Even Rambo made his entry straight from the ’80s!

John McLane may be cool, but when Rambo picks up his gun and chooses violence… there’s no end to his bloodlust. Coming right back from the early days of the film industry, Rambo made his way into Call of Duty: Warzone with a detailed look that resembled his appearance from the movies. And, the collab fit like a glove.

Attack on Titan added a layer of awe to Warzone

Call of Duty AoT
Attack on Titan gives the battlefield a twist.

Anime fans had a reason to celebrate, as one of the most beloved franchises made its way to the battlefield. What may have seemed a little out-of-place at first eventually fit the violence and themes of the game, as the Attack on Titan bundle showed up in the store. This was called, ‘Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan’ and included over 10 items that closely resembled characters and events from the anime.


These collaborations may seem different from each other, and that’s the very point of having diverse entries into a live service game. After all, keeping the online experience fresh and exciting is something most devs hope for, but few are able to achieve. And, in the case of Warzone, it’s seemingly fascinating how new collaborations keep things novel.

What’s your favorite collab out of all these? Let us know in the comments below.

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