The Walking Dead Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Netflix-Topping Crime Film is Getting a Sequel But There’s One Major Problem

Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns for the sequel to Netflix's The Postcard Killings.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Postcard Killings


  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Famke Janssen will star in the upcoming sequel to The Postcard Killings.
  • Despite topping Netflix's charts, the movie was critically panned and has low box-office performance.
  • Director of The Postcard Killings, Danis Tanović, shared his struggle while filming the crime movie.
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Famke Janssen will return for the sequel of The Postcard Killings, a crime thriller film that followed NYPD detective Jacob Kanon as he investigates the death of his murdered daughter who was on her honeymoon in Europe.

jeffrey dean morgan the postcard killings
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Postcard Killings

The upcoming film is said to follow Morgan’s Kanon as he tries to rescue his ex-wife after she has been abducted by a new killer who goes on a killing spree in the same continent.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Returns For Netflix’s The Postcard Killer

The film production for Renny Harlin’s The Postcard Killer starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Famke Janssen is set to commence this fall in various locations, namely London, Madrid, Florence, and Latvia. The movie is based on James Patterson and Liza Marklund’s novel.


In an exclusive report by Screen Daily, the director confirmed the sequel and shared his excitement for the upcoming project. He promised fans that they would witness incredible landscapes as they tour around beautiful European cities.

Every page of this screenplay is channeling Hitchcock and Brian de Palma. This is the genre I’ve loved since childhood. Our sexy European locations will provide a backdrop for a visual feast.”

jeffrey dean morgan famke janssen the postcard killings
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Famke Janssen in The Postcard Killings

The news of a sequel somehow came as a surprise for many. Even though the movie emerged as the number-one film on Netflix when it was released, the critical reviews were mostly negative.

On Rotten Tomatoes, it received a disappointing 24% score from the critics and 41% from the audience. Some of the fans stated that it’s a serial killer thriller that is “not too exciting on film” while another claimed it is a “tired, horrendously written thriller which is a chore to sit through.”


Others simply slammed the film for excluding the element of fun and for the poor execution. Apparently, no one expected it would even get a sequel after the result of the poor critical reviews and the low box-office performance.

The Postcard Killings Director Shares Experience Working On The Film

jeffrey dean morgan the postcard killings-2
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Postcard Killings

So far, no scheduled release date or official cast line-up has been revealed yet. As per Screen Daily, Miriam Segal of Good Films Collective will be producing the movie.

Patterson, Bill Robinson, Patrick Santa, Kia Jam, Roman Kopelevich, Ricardo Neri and Vladimir Artemenko, JP Pettinato, Johanna Harlin, and Highland Film Group are also joining the club as executive producers.


Speaking with Deadline, the director of the first installment Danis Tanović revealed his struggle when he switched from telling his own stories in his native language to English:

It’s funny, when you know what you’re shooting, when you know your screenplay and then you have actors, you can somehow see better the performance than when you speak the language because you’re not focused on the language, you’re focused on them.”

He is known for making films about the war that happened in his home country, Bosnia, and he claimed that if he had not lived through the war, he would be making more movies like The Postcard Killings.

The sequel is now in the capable hands of Renny Harlin, who also helmed A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and Die Hard 2.


The Postcard Killings is streaming on Netflix.


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