“The way they still sit close to each other and flirt is so genuine”: Even After 2 Decades, Julie Roberts and Richard Gere Did Not Fail to Wow Fans With Their Undeniable Chemistry

It is Richard Gere and Julia Roberts' incredible on-screen/ off-screen chemistry that makes Pretty Woman so special.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman


  • Richard Gere and Julia Roberts starred in the epic romantic comedy, Pretty Woman in 1990.
  • Ever since, the two have shared an undeniable electric chemistry, whether on-screen or off-screen.
  • And fans can't get enough of the two as they continue to be friends after all these years.
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It has been more than three decades since the fan-favorite romantic comedy, Pretty Woman, was released. An unconventional tale of forbidden romance, the movie starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the lead. Despite being critically lambasted by critics, the movie is now a beloved cult classic that continues to be enjoyed by many.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (1990)
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman | Walt Disney Studios

Often one or the other clip from the movie or of the stars goes viral and fans can’t help but get swooned by the magical chemistry of its lead stars. Recently the 25th reunion of the Pretty Woman cast went viral across the internet and fans can’t help but notice how much chemistry Roberts and Gere still have.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts Still Have Epic Chemistry

Roberts and Gere still have great chemistry (PC: Today Show | YouTube)
Roberts and Gere still have great chemistry (PC: Today Show | YouTube)

In the long list of iconic romantic couples, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts will certainly occupy a high place in such a list. Ever since their magical pairing in the iconic romantic comedyPretty Woman, the two have become a favorite of many. After starring in two movies, and after all these years, the two co-stars and now friends still have great chemistry as always.


The 25 Anniversary cast reunion of Pretty Woman recently went viral again, and fans could not help but notice how flirty and candid the two were to each other throughout the interview. While Roberts stated that she remembered almost everything from their first meeting, Gere remarked that he just remembered the girl and the beautiful chemistry he had with her.

Stating that they loved each other from the get-go, even the movie’s director, Gary Marshall remarked that it was their undeniable chemistry that made their pairing such a success. Despite the movie featuring the unlikely romantic trope of a wealthy businessman falling in love with a prostitute, and critics bashing the movie, their sparkling on-screen chemistry captured the audience’s hearts and turned Pretty Woman into a timeless masterpiece.

Fans React to Richard Gere & Julia Roberts’ Magical Off-Screen Chemistry

Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts
Pretty Woman stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere | Walt Disney Company

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts’s natural charisma and rapport shone through in every scene of the iconic Pretty Woman. Ever since the movie premiered in 1990, fans have been rooting and enjoying their character’s unconventional love story. Recently, after their interaction from the 25 Anniversary cast reunion of Pretty Woman went viral, fans had some pretty nice things to say about the two:

Let’s be real, this film would have been nothing without Julia and Richard’s chemistry. He just looks like he adores her every time he lays eyes on her. –@perfumaphilia3246

The chemistry in that movie was excellent and the chemistry they still share after 25yrs makes me smile. –@Momager83
The way they still sit close to each other and flirt is so genuine. So good to see respect between them. They still have that chemistry. Hector and Laura haven’t aged, they look great. –@rogwarrior1018
Pretty Woman can be streamed on Netflix.

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