‘The way they turned their back on the Nolan trilogy is INSANE’: Christian Bale Fans Slam The Batman Fans For Slandering The Dark Knight Movies To Elevate Robert Pattinson

'The way they turned their back on the Nolan trilogy is INSANE': Christian Bale Fans Slam The Batman Fans For Slandering The Dark Knight Movies To Elevate Robert Pattinson
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Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy was said to be one of the finest representations of Batman in a live-action movie. The series of movies quickly became one of the most iconic films of Christian Bale and the actors who were part of the movies soon became fan favorites. Although the trilogy remained only as a three-parter storyline, Bale’s version of the hero was never forgotten, in fact, it was even said to be one of the best.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Fans of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, on the other hand, had something else to say. Ever since The Batman was released, Pattinson’s representation of the character took over fans’ hearts almost as quickly as the actor was ready to admit his version might actually fail.

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Fans Moving On From Christian Bale’s Batman To Robert Pattinson’s Batman

From 2005 to 2012, Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne remained one of the most iconic interpretations of the character. While there had been multiple actors who portrayed the Caped Crusader, none were as enthusiastic as Bale. Ben Affleck’s version too received a lot of love from the fans but, it was nothing compared to the appreciation that the trilogy had gotten.

Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight trilogy

This, however, quickly changed after Robert Pattinson debuted his version. Seeing an entirely new angle to Batman was what fans had been looking for. The gruff voice, and the appearance of Bruce Wayne being much lesser than that of Batman himself, show that Bruce was the facade rather than the other way around. His moral grounds, his violence, and his journey from the dark to become a beacon of light for the city of Gotham caught the attention of many fans as they then started to pick sides, opting for Pattinson’s Batman over Bale’s.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

Some fans even went out of their way to thrash the other, social media has never been an all too kind platform and by the looks of it, the two versions of Batman were also not spared from it. Bringing about how Christian Bale’s Batman was forgotten as quickly as Robert Pattinson’s Batman rose.


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Fans Pick Sides, From Robert Pattinson To Christian Bale, Batman Creates An Internal Feud Between The Audience

According to the fans, Christian Bale’s Batman although present less frequently than Robert Pattinson’s, Bruce Wayne was far more impactful. He had a better connection with Gotham City both as Bruce and as the cowled hero. The audience stated that Bale’s Batman was dependent on gadgets and that along with his iconic Batmobile quickly became a fan favorite.



While Fans also claimed that one thing that made The Dark Knight trilogy as famous as it is, is the fact that the villains are far more spread out and Heath Ledger’s acting as the Joker left fans in awe. Although Pattinson’s Batman had far better-explored dynamics with each and every character. Christopher Nolan’s direction and storytelling led people to understand Bruce Wayne as a character while Matt Reeves’ direction made fans love the character of Batman more.

Christian Bale’s Batman is said to be more foundational, setting goals for the DC Universe as to what they could achieve and how they could work on future films as well as the character.

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