“The world is bored of Roman era”: Upsetting News For Dwayne Johnson and His Bloodline Ahead of WrestleMania 40

The Rock is not as shiny as he was before.

“The world is bored of Roman era”: Upsetting News For Dwayne Johnson and His Bloodline Ahead of WrestleMania 40


  • It was recently announced that Dwayne Johnson's cousin, Roman Reigns, is not prefered over Cody Rhodes by fans.
  • This poses the question of if Johnson's golden age of WWE is finally over?
  • Many defended the wrestler on this poll, however, there were more than a few who agreed.
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Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest and most influential figures in the media. While he had gained a lot of attention thanks to his time in Hollywood, what laid the foundations of his stardom was, perhaps, as far away as one can get from the glory of cinema. The actor became an icon in WWE, being referred to as the Rock and leaving a mark on this world.

Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns
Dwayne Johnson and his cousin, Roman Reigns (via WWE)

What many die-hard fans might know about the former wrestler is that a lot of his family is also a part of WWE, with the most well-known being, Roman Reigns. Recently, news has been announced about the wrestler that would upset fans of both the WWE superstars.

It would seem that the Rock’s empire is not as shiny as it was before, and Reigns’ time in the WWE may be limited.


Dwayne Johnson’s Cousin Could Not Keep Up With The Rock’s Legacy

Recently, it was announced by WrestlingWorldCC on X that Cody Rhodes is preferred by fans over Roman Reigns for their bout at the upcoming, Wrestlemania 40. This is surprising on many different levels. During his time in the WWE, Dwayne Johnson was at the heights of his fame, being not only a respected wrestler but also a force to be reckoned with. His time on the program was so significant that many credit him for its success.

WrestleMania 40
The Rock and Roman Reigns (via WWE)

Since then, those shoes have somewhat been filled by Reigns. It would seem that fans have not given him the same regard as his relevance and appeal in the program are in decline. Unfortunately, his efforts to try and take over his cousin’s intimidating legacy have been unsuccessful.

Audiences Seemed To Be Mixed

Fans seemed to have weighed in with more of their opinions on this post and the reactions seem to be quite mixed. Many agree with what the post says, adding that they are simply tired of Roman Reigns’ domination and saw the dwindling hype coming. Many celebrated Cody Rhodes’ success, being happy for the wrestler and his achievement in front of a man who still has a very dedicated fan base.

Dwayne Johnson's cousin, Roman Reigns (via WWE)
Dwayne Johnson’s cousin, Roman Reigns (via WWE)



On the other hand, some pointed out that this underappreciation of Reigns is simply ridiculous. Some looked at the announcement as an opportunity for Dwayne Johnson’s cousin to focus on proving his critics wrong. They even refused to believe that it would affect the match, and showed complete faith in their favorite wrestler.


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