“Their dad killed Tom Cruise”: James Corden Had a Scary Concern When Mission Impossible Star Asked to Fly in a Fighter Jet With Him

“Their dad killed Tom Cruise”: James Corden Had a Scary Concern When Mission Impossible Star Asked to Fly in a Fighter Jet With Him
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The Late Late Show with James Corden provided us with uncountable memorable moments from the show. The late-night CBS show featured one of the best moments when Corden flew a fighter jet with Tom Cruise to promote the latter’s Top Gun: Maverick. The host was badly scared as he didn’t want to sit on a plane alone with an actor even though Cruise has been a licensed pilot for many years.

James Corden
James Corden

As James Corden spoke in a recent interview after leaving the highly popular show, he answered many details of his long journey. The Late Late Show ran for a glorious 9 seasons and nearly 1,200 episodes. It has undoubtedly given some of the most unforgettable experiences for the host and flying with Tom Cruise must be one of the standout ones among them.

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Why James Corden wasn’t willing to fly with Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise with James Corden
Tom Cruise with James Corden

It can be said that James Corden undeniably had some of the most memorable yet thrilling experiences with the Ethan Hunt star. During the promotion of Mission: Impossible- Fallout, the action icon performed a skydive with the Gavin & Stacey actor. But the show reached its peak when Corden was asked to fly a fighter jet with Tom Cruise.

The actor was recently spotted at the Royal Television Society conference in the UK where he shed light on several details from his hit show.  As reported by Variety, the comedian was extremely worried before the stunt. He wasn’t sure about the Vanilla Sky actor’s skills as a pilot and didn’t want his kids to think someday that their dad killed Tom Cruise.

“A few days before [the flight] I had a genuine worry. I ended up going, like, ‘He’s an actor, he’s NOT a pilot.’ Like, respectfully, it’s just the two of us in an airplane. If something happens then we die. And worse than my own death is my children growing up and people going ‘Their dad killed Tom Cruise’”

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Tom Cruise also did his best to comfort James Corden and assured him that the latter’s life would be prioritized more over his. Nicole Kidman’s former husband also added that he wouldn’t have taken such a risk if he didn’t have the experience of flying.

“‘James, your life is more valuable than mine… you are never in any danger’. Then what he said to me was ‘I would never do this if I wasn’t flying every day. I am flying every single day… You don’t have to worry. You have to just trust me. I’m so ready and I wouldn’t do this going in cold’. And then you’re like ‘all right I guess we’re going to do it’.”

You can check out the episode with Tom Cruise here:

Tom Cruise Terrifies James in 'Top Gun' Fighter Jet!


At first, the Rain Man actor took the 45-year-old comedian on an air ride in a 1944 fighter jet. After a thrilling stunt, as soon as James Corden was relieved, Cruise took him on a second round, this time on a jet for modern warfare. No matter how much the Peter Rabbit voice actor screamed during the whole stunt, he couldn’t deny the fact that it was thrilling and memorable.

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James Corden thanked The Late Late Show for uncountable memories

Tom Cruise also took James Corden for skydiving

The Late Late Show with James Corden started back in 2015 and had a long successful run before it met its end in April this year. Although the host had his fair share of controversies due to some of his activities, he made a massive contribution to popularizing the show. The internet is often seen to be filled with viral videos and clips from his show.


James Corden admitted how he had a lovely time on the show and made some memories he would cherish forever which makes it difficult for him to leave the show behind. But on the other hand, he was compelled to come home due to certain reasons that restricted his stay.

“But it is a source of overwhelming feeling and just thinking, I genuinely don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such memories, to deserve such things, and it’s really hard to walk away from, it’s a very difficult thing to leave but I felt compelled to come home.”

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The Cats actor revealed that he and his wife Julia Carey had planned long ago to return to their home in the UK before their children turned into teenagers. So despite missing the show badly, there was nothing he could have done. But after such an experience with so many celebrated names, he would always be proud of his journey.
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