“Then I realized that it was over”: Phoebe Dynevor Breaks Silence on Losing Lois Lane Role in David Corenswet’s Superman: Legacy

Phoebe Dynevor has no regrets about losing out on Lois Lane despite coming so close, as she expressed her admiration for the iconic reporter.

"Then I realized that it was over": Phoebe Dynevor Breaks Silence on Losing Lois Lane Role in David Corenswet's Superman: Legacy


  • Phoebe Dynevor was one of the three finalists for the role of Lois Lane in Superman: Legacy, who eventually lost the part to Rachel Brosnahan.
  • While it was a bummer, the actor had no regrets, as she had a great time auditioning for the iconic character, who has been integral to Superman stories since its inception.
  • Before missing out on Lois Lane, Dynevor almost gave up on acting altogether prior to landing her big break.
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Back in June, it was announced that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan were going to play the upcoming rendition of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. But prior to Gunn picking them for the iconic roles, several other actors were finalized for the part after months of audition tapes and in-screen tests, with one of them being Phoebe Dynevor.


And Dynevor, who was one of the three finalists alongside Emma Mackey and Rachel Brosnahan for the role of Lois Lane in Legacy, finally breaks her silence on losing out on such an iconic role.

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Phoebe Dynevor
Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor Had a Great Time Auditioning for Lois Lane

Since starring in Bridgerton, Phoebe Dynevor’s career has witnessed a notable spike, as the recent years have witnessed her starring in other acclaimed projects, with the recent one being Fair Play. And while reflecting on her romance thriller, the actor opened up about coming so close to attaining the part of Lois Lane.

But despite losing out on it, Dynevor has nothing but positive about the whole experience, stating it was great, as she lauded the character of Lois Lane, explaining that she’s the fearless one. She told Variety:

“It was a whirlwind and then I realized that it was over, but it was great… She saves Superman. She’s the brains; she’s actually the fearless one.”

Considering how integral Lois Lane has been to Superman stories since the character’s inception in the ’30s, Dynevor’s explanation suggests we might finally get the definitive Lois Lane in Legacy.


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Lois Lane | DC Comics
Lois Lane | DC Comics

Phoebe Dynevor Almost Gave up Acting Before Bridgerton

Prior to coming close to the iconic character, Phoebe Dynevor almost gave up on her young acting career not long after moving to the U.S. in 2019, as she was failing to land any major gigs. After a plethora of disappointments, the Fair Play star booked a flight back to England and was ready to give up her dream altogether.

Fortunately, she eventually got a call from her agent about auditioning for the Netflix period drama Bridgerton. And unlike Superman: Legacy, she succeeded in landing the role of Daphne, as the producers were assured she was meant for the part after her first audition.


Betsy Beers, an executive producer on Bridgerton, explained,

“We saw it immediately with Phoebe. She had this incredible ability to both embody the rigid rules of Regency-era England and also transform into a heroine we could all identify with.”

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Phoebe Dynevor | Bridgerton
Phoebe Dynevor | Bridgerton

Considering Nicholas Hoult, who initially lost the part of Superman, has been brought back to play Luthor, it’s reasonable to be hopeful that Dynevor might eventually land a part of her interest in the greater DCU.


Superman: Legacy will hit theatres on 11 July 2025.

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