Theory: Christine Palmer Variant Breaks Doctor Strange Out of Illuminati Prison

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With Multiverse of Madness just around the corner, new Doctor Strange 2 stills have been released online. These new images reveal much more about the plot than what Disney would have you know. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will cease to exist, as we know it. Multiverse of Madness will see Doctor Strange become a captive of the Illuminati. But what role does Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer play in the sequel? Turns out, what Rachel McAdams said about playing a bigger, more pivotal role in MoM is indeed true. We may be about to witness a new alternate reality variant of Christine Palmer in the movie.


Rachel McAdams Had Already Teased She Will Have A Bigger Role In Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer - Christine Palmer
Doctor Strange 2 Trailer – Christine Palmer

A few weeks ago, Rachel McAdams sat down for an interview with The Direct. There she was asked many questions regarding possible plot details for the movie. For most of the interview, she had trained herself to be tight-lipped, not letting out any story critical secrets. But she did says this when asked about why Christine Palmer is in the movie and what role she plays in the sequel.

Doctor Strange 2 - Rachel McAdams
Doctor Strange 2 – Rachel McAdams

The Wedding Crashers actor went on to say that Christine Palmer won’t just be sitting on the sidelines this time. She will have a more plot critical role in Multiverse of Madness. Her words, not ours:


“[Christine isn’t] just wearing scrubs this time around” and is “certainly a part of things I’ve never seen on screen.”

Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Rachel McAdams Plays Two Christine Palmer Variants

Christine Palmer - Multiverse of Madness
Christine Palmer – Multiverse of Madness

The actor herself has said that her character will have a more significant contribution in the movie. But what could this be? The new Doctor Strange 2 movie could show us her comic accurate avatar – Night Nurse. In the new official images released by the Multiverse of Madness team marketing team so far, we could see a still where Palmer, Chavez, and Strange are in a strange underground structure.

Night Nurse - Doctor Strange 2
Night Nurse – Doctor Strange 2 (Source: Marvel/Disney)

Rachel McAdams is seen wearing a greyish black costume. It does not look like civilian apparel. In the first movie. McAdams’ Christine Palmer was a surgeon. She did not have that big a role, the movie being carried mostly by Tilda Swinton and Benedict Cumberbatch. Multiverse of Madness is introducing all new characters. With the Multiverse in play, it is highly likely that we will see a Christine Palmer variant in the movie. And that is the ‘Night Nurse’.

Who Is Night Nurse – Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer Variant, EXPLAINED

Night Nurse - Marvel Comics
Night Nurse – Marvel Comics

In the comic books, multiple characters have taken on the alias of the Night Nurse. The first to assume the mantle was Linda Carter, who took it upon herself to attend to the medical needs of the superhero community. There have been other Night Nurses – Georgia Jenkins and Claire Temple have also taken over the title. Christine Palmer is a relatively recent addition to the mantle.

Rachel McAdams - Doctor Strange (2016)
Rachel McAdams – Doctor Strange (2016)

Like Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple in the Defenders-Verse, the Night Nurse aims to take care of the superheroes during their hour of need. Her medical expertise in treating superhumans makes her an asset for many. Maybe that’s the role, Rachel McAdams is playing as an alternate reality Christine Palmer.

The Night Nurse Will Help Doctor Strange & America Chavez Break Out Of Illuminati Prison

Rachel McAdams - Doctor Strange 2 Trailer
Rachel McAdams – Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

From the still, it is most likely that Night Nurse will aid Strange and Chavez in some manner. Since the image shows they are in some sort of underground structure, the theory is that they are most likely running away from something. Rachel McAdams may be playing the Christine Palmer of another reality who didn’t just stop at being a surgeon. In an earlier theory, we had claimed Defender Strange and America Chavez were of the same universe. Maybe Night Nurse was Defender Strange’s love interest and now she is helping Doctor Strange and Chavez out of love for her deceased lover.


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