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America Chavez Theory: Defender Strange Is the Doctor Strange of Her Universe

Another day, another Doctor Strange 2 theory cooks up a storm on the internet. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest addition – America Chavez, will soon be getting the spotlight in less than two weeks. Played by Xochitl Gomez, America Chavez joins forces with Doctor Strange as the multiverse implodes and reality comes to the brink of extinction. A new Doctor Strange 2 theory states that there is a secret connection between a specific Doctor Strange variant and America Chavez.

Defender Strange & America Chavez
Defender Strange & America Chavez

According to this theory, Defender Strange is the Doctor Strange from the same universe America Chavez hails from. At first glance, it seems highly plausible. But could it be true?

America Chavez – Why She Is So Important In Multiverse of Madness

Ms America - Doctor Strange 2
Ms America – Doctor Strange 2

In the comic books, America Chavez hails from a whole new reality called the Utopian Parallel. Her two mom’s helped save that reality and are regarded as heroes. Chavez grew up with another family in Washington heights. Over the years, she has developed. First starting out as stoic and cynical, Chavez would eventually warm up to her other superhero colleagues and go from being a lone wolf to a team player.


Chavez hails from a dimension of only women, But that is her comic book origin. It could easily be changed in the movies. It is her power of hyper cosmic awareness that makes her an asset for the MCU. Her ability to sense and locate different realities gives her a unique ability as a traveller of the multiverse. Her abilities don’t just allow her to travel across space. With good enough focus stimuli, she could even traverse the time stream if she wanted to. Considering the MCU is relying heavily on the multiverse to tell future stories, introducing America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2 is critical for MCU’s future.

Theory: Defender Strange Dies Saving America Chavez

Defender Strange Dies - America Chavez
Defender Strange Dies

The more you think about it, the more this theory makes sense. Although she hails from a women-only reality, Defender Strange could easily be force fit into her origin story with a few backstory changes in the movie. Now the question is – how does Defender Strange and America Chavez hailing from the same universe affect the larger storyline? The short answer is – IN A BIG WAY!!

Defender Strange Variant - Doctor Strange 2
Defender Strange Variant – Doctor Strange 2

Previous Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailers have shown Defender Strange in a strange, monstrous reality. A sentient, mystical monster is seen attacking him as he tries holding him back. America Chavez could be seen in the background in the same frame. The theory states that Defender Strange dies saving America Chavez from the monster. The Doctor Strange statue shown in the trailer is of Defender Strange, not Sinister Strange.


This would explain why the Illuminati want Doctor Strange in front of them. He was either somehow involved in Defender Strange’s death or Ms America came looking for him for help. One way or another, it all connects to America Chavez using her multiverse-hopping powers to seek another Doctor Strange to help her.

Defender Strange’s Death Unleashes His Universe’s Evil Wanda

Evil Wanda
Evil Wanda

That is why the Illuminati are after Doctor Strange. Maybe, just maybe – Defender Strange had somehow managed to subdue the Wanda Maximoff of his reality after she went rogue. With his death, there was no one to oppose her. The Illuminati want Doctor Strange to subdue Evil Wanda and ensure she does not destroy all realities.

Zombie Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2
This Evil Wanda is Scarlet Witch of Another Reality

Since Wanda Maximoff is a nexus being who has the power to affect entire realities, only a sorcerer supreme whose magic could rival her’s can defeat her. Somehow Doctor Strange finds his way into the chambers of the Illuminati and they forcefully recruit him to work his magic (pun intended), and stop Evil Wanda.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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