Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown: A Gourmet Of Multiverse Madness

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The Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer is a whole smorgasboard of shattered realities. It has something for everyone. Here is the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer breakdown you have been waiting for.


The Nightmare Dimension

A Dilapidated Sanctum Sanctorum

The trailer shows early on, the weird skeletal visions Doctor Strange is having lately. The entire world is in ruins. The abandoned ruins of the Sanctum Sanctorum can be seen. Sam Raimi, director of Doctor Strange 2, is well-known for his works in the horror genre. The scenes of the Sanctum Sanctorum may be our first ever glimpse into the Nightmare dimension, home to one of Doctor Strange’s greatest enemies – Nightmare, ruler of the dream dimension.

America Chavez – First Look At Her Abilities

America Chavez

The multiverse hopping hero will be first seen in the MCU in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Her powers can be seen in action in the form of a star shaped portal tearing across the fabric of reality. She is seen bound by one of Doctor Strange’s spells. Strange is himself seen captured by a demon of the multiverse.


A New Doctor Strange Variant

Defender Strange

In one of the most ‘blink and you will miss it’ scenes, Doctor Strange 2 trailer shows us the first ever look of Defender Strange. This Doctor Strange variant is probably from another reality who joins forces with Prime Strange and America Chavez to battle the same multiverse demon.

Christine Palmer’s Getting Married (But Not To Strange)

Christine Palmer

Since the Thanos snap took him away for five years, Doctor Christine Palmer has probably moved on and fell in love with another person. The wedding does not have Strange as the groom. This could be a very disheartening situation for the people who were shipping the two together.

The Illuminati Are Prosecuting Doctor Strange For Breaking The Multiverse


The Illuminati, in the comic books, are a secretive group of highly influential Marvel comic book heroes. They exchange information and try to manipulate events to protect the universe from unknown and unforeseen threats. In the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer, theories claim their domain includes the entire multiverse. Most of the identities of members of the group are being  kept a secret. But glimpses across the trailer reveal Iron Man and Patrick Stewart (probably playing Professor X) are a part of it.


Patrick Stewart Is Back B**ches!!

Professor X

Probably the best part of the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer was the return of a fan-favorite Marvel character. Patrick Stewart can be seen in the final few moments of the trailer, with his distinctly baritone voice echoing throughout. Stewart is also known for playing Professor x in the Fox X-Men movies. He is probably a part of the Illuminati. The entry of Professor X would mean the mutants are a go. Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer just hinted at the X-Men in a MAJOR way.

Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel Fights Wanda

The debate rages on. Who’s more powerful – Carol Danvers or Wanda Maximoff? There is a short scene in the trailer that shows Captain Marvel fighting Scarlet Witch head on. Not sure if that is Carol or Monica Rambeau. This could be an alternate reality variant where Monica did take up the mantle of Captain Marvel, like she has in the comics.

Wanda’s Evil Variant

Evil Wanda

The Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer reveals a more sinister version of Wanda. Fans are claiming this is an alternate reality Scarlet Witch that went rogue after the Westview incident. Stricken with grief, this Wanda may have never let go of the Hex Anomaly and became a villain. We see both the Wandas back in Westview. Maybe it was after looking at her evil variant wanda starts questioning why Strange is hailed as a hero for breaking the rules when she is seen as a villain.


Nightmare Strange

Another most paused moment in the Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl trailer is what fans are calling Nightmare Strange. This variant of Strange seems to have completely fused with evil creatures and become a villain. He could be the big bad of the movie – Nightmare. or he could be Zombie Strange, a hero from the Marvel Zombies universe.


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