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Doctor Strange 2 Theory: The Illuminati Are After Strange Because Of Infinity War, Not No Way Home

A new day and a new Doctor Strange 2 theory is doing the rounds. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will bring in a lot of new and old faces to the forefront of the MCU. Doctor Strange is at a crossroads. The Illuminati somehow hold him accountable for breaking reality and plunging the multiverse into chaos.

Doctor Strange No Way Home
Doctor Strange No Way Home

We are all assuming it is because his actions during Spider-Man: No Way Home has played with forces beyond comprehension. But what if it was not because of what Doctor Strange did inm No Way Home? What if, according to this Doctor Strange 2 theory, it was because of what the Sorcerer Supreme did in Infinity War?

This Doctor Strange 2 theory totally flips the script. It could mean that whatever happens in Doctor Strange 2 was a long time coming in the MCU!! And it all started with Infinity War

Doctor Strange 2 Theory: The Infinity War Connection

Doctor Strange Infinity War
Doctor Strange Infinity War

The movie Infinity War saw Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character play a vital role. He almost brought Thanos to his knees on Titan and was instrumental in finding out in which timeline out of the 14 million odd timestreams he visited, did the Avengers win.

Doctor Strange Gives The Time Stone
Doctor Strange Gives The Time Stone To Thanos

Stranger’s actions with the Time Stone was extremely vital in aiding the Avengers in ending Thanos’ wrath. Strange ended up handing the Time Stone to Thanos to save Iron Man’s life, knowing full well that Tony Stark would be crucial in the upcoming events of Endgame. Doctor Strange let Tony live and sacrificed half of all life in the universe because it was the only way they could beat Thanos.

doctor strange 2
Doctor Strange 2

And the Avengers did beat Thanos in Endgame. Everything seems red and rosy until you realize it was Doctor Strange’s actions that also led to Avengers plotting the Time Heist. This was the same time heist that let Loki get away with the Tesseract, leading to all sorts of cosmic chaos in the eventual Loki series.

Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Strange Lied In Infinity War

Doctor Strange Loki
Doctor Strange Loki

Loki breaking free and using the tesseract to transport himself to another point in space created a time anomaly. The TVA soon intervened and then we would ultimately meet Sylvie. Sylvie would go on to kill He Who Remains, breaking the Sacred Timeline and the onset of the MCU Multiverse.

If Doctor Strange did use the Time Stone properly, he examined all 14,000,605 timelines as thoroughly as possible.He knew how each timeline would unfold to the exact thousandth decimal point. And the one timeline where they won, Doctor Strange would have put even more effort to ensure the timeline panned out with the good guys winning.

Doctor Strange Battle For Earth

Or maybe he did not look into all those timelines properly. The Ancient One had vouced for Strange in Endgame, calling him the best and brightest of all sorcerer supremes. So Strange must have been professional, leaving no room for error. And that means Doctor Strange knew his actions would one day unleash the cosmic wrath of one of the greatest villains who ever lived. If Strange wouldn’t have revealed the one timeline they won, then the Avengers would have lost and Loki would have never escaped. And that means Kang the Conqueror would have never ever existed.

Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Illuminati After Strange Since Infinity War


Strange’s actions clearly gave the multiverse a new threat. Kang threatens all of reality in all dimensions and timelines. In his quest to save one universe, Doctor Strange may have lied his way into dooming the entire multiverse.

That is why the Illuminati are after him. It’s because of Strange that they believe Kang is now free to wreak havoc. His actions in Infinity War has doomed us all.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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