Marvel Theory: Worst MCU Movie Ever Hints Hulk Snap May Have Made Him A Nexus Being

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After the conclusion of the hit series Loki, Thor: the Dark World has been making quite a number of rounds on the internet. Considered the worst MCU movie ever, it has suddenly gained a surge in popularity. Only time will tell if its for all the wrong or right reasons. The movie does have quite a huge amount of flaws but it also has its own merits. Apart from introducing the Dark Elves and exploring Thor & Loki’s chemistry, the movie unwittingly reveals a lot more hints about MCU’s future. One of those reveals is regarding the Hulk Snap. And this Hulk Snap reveal may hint at how the MCU’s Multiverse future unfolds.


In the second Thor movie, renowned scientist Erik Selvig is initially seen in a mental institution. In that particular scene, he is seen explaining dimensional travel to a group of old people. The blackboard even has a diagram of the nine realms. The diagram itself has multiple Easter eggs and references. But one of them stands out.


The one we are talking about is a little known location called the Crossroads. in the Earth-616 universe, the plane known as the Crossroads lies outside the known universe. It has its very own laws of physics and time, not adhering to our own rules. basically the Crossroads dimension is similar to the Mirror Dimension we saw in Doctor Strange. But it also allows for inter-dimensional travel.


And while it may seem odd at first, the extra-dimensional plane has a connection to the Hulk. Doctor Strange once trapped an evil, rampaging Hulk within this plane of existence. But here’s where it gets interesting.

Theory: Hulk Snap Overcharged Banner with Nexus-Level Gamma Radiation

In Endgame, Bruce claims the radiation given off by the stones is mostly gamma. And gamma radiation is how Banner became the Hulk in the first place. When the Hulk Snap happens, the feedback from the gauntlet destroys his arm the energy is seen reverberating throughout his body. The wish to bring all the lives lost in Infinity War back is a big one, that pushes the boundaries of reality itself. the MCU has already seen those boundaries being man-handled a lot. Thanos snapped his fingers twice. Hulk did it once. And then Iron Man did it again.


Hulk is the only being still breathing that has survived a snap. The gamma radiation given off after the Hulk Snap may be enough to have overcharged the green goliath to help him access the Crossroads dimension. Beings like Wanda and Uatu are Nexus beings who can access this dimension to travel across the MCU multiverse. We never did see what the Hulk saw during the Hulk Snap. If he got a good look at the Crossroads and has enough gamma energy in him from the snap to survive inter-dimensional travel, there’s every bit of clue to now believe the Hulk is now a Nexus being.


Maybe the Hulk is now able to travel across dimensions on his own. But he is still a long way from manifesting them on his own like Wanda probably could. Since it is Bruce Banner we are talking about, he would probably find a way if he wanted to to become a true Nexus Being. The Crossroads dimension could be an important clue for the Marvel Multiverse and the Hulk’s as of now uncertain future as a whole.


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