“There are other voices too”: Henry Cavill Admits Dwayne Johnson Is Not the Only Reason He Returned to DCU as Superman

Henry Cavill Admits Dwayne Johnson Is Not the Only Reason He Returned to DCU as Superman


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Henry Cavill’s acting career has suddenly sprung up in life after the past few weeks confirmed that the dashing actor was bound to return in perhaps his most famous role of Superman aka Clark Kent. Cavill’s return came out of the blue, and despite rumors coming out every day about his eventual return, nothing ever materialized into an official announcement.


These rumors about Cavill’s return have been going around the heads of DCEU fans ever since the release of Man of Steel and later, Justice League. But this time around, these rumors didn’t remain rumors and we finally got to see the man himself on the big screens during the mid-credits scene for Black Adam, and it was a day made for DCEU fans.

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Henry Cavill as Superman

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The Rock Wasn’t The Only Advocate For Henry Cavill’s Return As Superman

Times in the DCEU have gotten much happier ever since the official announcement of Man of Steel 2 finally being in the works. Fans are happy, Cavill’s happy, and even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is super happy.

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Henry Cavill and The Rock

From reports and rumors to the recent cameo of Cavill in Black Adam, Johnson has always been a strong advocate for the British actor’s return to his most popular role. This didn’t come easy as he had to make a lot of people happy and bring Warner Bros. and the actor to an agreement.

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But according to Henry Cavill, it wasn’t only the former WWE wrestler’s voice that helped bring the Superman actor back into his Man of Steel suit.

During an interview with Emmy-winning TV host Chris Van Vliet, the Argylle star was asked how fellow co-star Dwayne Johnson helped his comeback into the character of Superman, he had this to say-

“I mean, look it’s always tough to say after the fact that there’s so many voices which have gone into this and so much work.”

“Whether it be Dani Garcia working endlessly and tirelessly to make this happen or Hiram Garcia, and indeed The Rock as well but there are other voices too and…the important thing is that i just feel so fortunate that there are those people doing that and also the opportunity to actually be back and to look to the future and to build something exciting.”

There’s one takeaway from this answer for sure, and it’s about how thankful and happy he is to finally be back in his most beloved role.


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The Best Piece Of Advice That Henry Cavill Ever Received In His Career

Henry Cavill‘s departure from Netflix’s The Witcher series has come as a major disappointment for fans of the TV series based on the popular CD PROJEKT RED video game. Liam Hemsworth will be replacing the actor as Geralt of Rivia, much to the anger of the fans, who are against Netflix for the decision to replace the British actor.

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Henry Cavill

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While everyone is soaking in the heartbreaking news, it’s best to follow this one piece of advice that the Enola Holmes star has kept with him throughout his career. During the same interview with Chris Van Vliet, Cavill shares the best advice that he’s ever received in his career-

“One of my best friends, he says… love living, and life is for living. I take that with me because work is really enjoyable but it can also be very tough and it can be very consuming as well and for me it’s really important to have that balance.”

“And if there isn’t balance you can’t be doing the life stuff as well as the work stuff if work stuff is that all-consuming in that period of time to be enjoying it. If I’m not enjoying it then I’m doing it wrong especially at this stage! 22 years in and things are going well, If I’m not enjoying it something is going really badly wrong.”

While fans of the DCEU were stressing over how frustrated Cavill must have been over WB’s ignorance of the actor literally being the face of their flagship superhero, he was out there loving life and work!

Man of Steel 2 does not have a release date as of now.


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