“There are others who’d like to do that too”: Call of Duty Writer Signals Spinoff on Fan-Favorite Character after Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Writer Signals Spinoff on Fan-Favorite Character after Modern Warfare 3
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Modern Warfare has been a successful series and while there are still a couple of months before Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 releases, the developers already have a plan on where they would want to take a potential spinoff in Call of Duty franchise.


In a conversation with IGN, the narrative director at Infinity Ward, Jeffrey Negus, and Brian Bloom, head writer of Modern Warfare 2, shared some light on their plan for a single-player Call of Duty spinoff, and it’d focus on a fan-favorite character from the series.

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Call of Duty Head Writer Reveals Plan for a Spin-off on Iconic Character

Call of Duty MW 2 Ghost
Call of Duty MW 2 Ghost

The Call of Duty franchise has given some iconic characters to players such as Soap Mactavish and Captain Price. One of the most iconic characters from the series is Simon “Ghost” Riley, who was an important character in Modern Warfare 2‘s single-player campaign. Ghost has been loved by fans for his intriguing backstory and well, he’s a great friend to people close to him.

While talking about the spinoff,  Brian Bloom said, “Yeah, I’m going to say it. Ghost’s origin story.” The duo, Jeffrey Negus and Brian Bloom shared their desire to do a game on Simon “Ghost” Riley and the British special forces. Here’s what else he said,

“There are others who would like to do that too. And we think that would be really interesting. And again, that’s kind of where this interview started, that there’s something about that character that’s iconic, but the mask and some of those more superficial elements, as we’ve attempted to build them out here in our current release, where did some of those things come from? And exploring that, and looking at that would be something I think the audience would love, and we would love to get into.”

Call of Duty
Call of Duty’s Ghost has an enigmatic backstory

Jeffrey Negus added that the team thinks that it would be very cool to have a game on Ghost. He further added that the team cares deeply about Ghost and they always try to think about story ideas for the popular character.


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The Popular Character was an Integral Part of Modern Warfare 2

Simon “Ghost” Riley played an important role in Modern Warfare 2 and the game campaign followed special operations unit Task Force 141 and Mexican Special Forces unit Los Vaqueros as they attempted to track and capture Hassan Zyani, a terrorist who has American-made missiles.

Call of Duty
Simon “Ghost” Riley

The spinoff game could potentially focus on Ghost’s journey before the events in Modern Warfare 2, and reveal the secret behind the popular character donning his signature mask. It’s a great idea and if brought to life after Modern Warfare 3, the spinoff game could be a huge success in the franchise.

What are your thoughts about this? Would you like to see a spinoff of this character in the near future?
Source: IGN

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