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“There might be more stuff to do”: Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow Return in James Gunn’s DCU After Grant Gustin Retires as The Flash

“There might be more stuff to do”: Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow Return in James Gunn’s DCU After Grant Gustin Retires as The Flash

Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow is one character loved by every fan. His acting as the character brought so much praise towards him that his series kickstarted the entire Arrowverse. His series was highly acclaimed and the character became iconic, much like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man or Henry Cavill’s Superman. It was his talent that always made it a lovely sight whenever Oliver Queen showed up in another Arrowverse series.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow
Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

Although now the entire franchise has come to an end, with Flash’s final season currently airing. The upcoming episode of the series would feature Amell one final time in the franchise, marking an ending cycle to the entire course that began something massive. However, the actor might not yet be done with the character.

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Stephen Amell Wants To Play Green Arrow For Longer

Stephen Amell recently opened up about how he is still okay with the idea of playing Oliver Queen in upcoming projects for the DC Universe. Due to his enigmatic acting, fans have always been willing to give ample amounts of praise to his character. Although Grant Gustin cannot wait to bid farewell to Barry Allen and the Flash, Amell would love to once again take his quiver onto the battlefield.

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Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow

“I’ve said this before, but there might be more fun stuff to do with Oliver Queen. So we will see.”

Despite the fans wanting Gustin to replace Ezra Miller as the DCU’s Flash, he has denied the requests, stating that he wants to explore more in his career. Amell believes that there is a lot of room for exploration in Oliver Queen’s character and his story. For that, he is open to stepping into James Gunn’s upcoming franchise and giving another string of ideas that would bring to life Oliver Queen’s story after it ultimately ended in 2020.

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The Arrowverse Finally Concludes

Stephen Amell started an era for the DC Universe years before James Gunn took over as the CEO. Starting with the story of Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow was born the Arrowverse. The franchise had a massive list of shows including The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, and added series like Constantine, Black Lightening as well as Superman and Lois.

The Arrowverse -- as produced by Greg Berlanti
The Arrowverse — as produced by Greg Berlanti

Although each and every show on the list got canceled, the exceptions included Arrow, Superman and Lois as well as Flash. Stephen Amell’s series ended after eight seasons and Grant Gustin’s will be following shortly, making its ninth season the final one. Tyler Hoechlin’s series is still ongoing and has since been confirmed to exist in a universe outside of the Arrowverse. After so many years, the franchise will finally conclude, marking the end of an era and the start of a new one.

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