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‘There’s going to be a big announcement’: Todd McFarlane Teases Spawn Movie Reboot After Top Gun: Maverick Success

In the summer of 1992, Spawn #1 marked the first appearance of the eponymous comic antihero, published by Image Comics in its May issue. Created by Todd McFarlane, comic writer, and legend, Hellspawn — a former human by the name of Albert Francis “Al” Simmons — was a member of the CIA, Secret Service, Force Reconnaissance, and the U.S. Marine Corps who served his government in any and every way possible.

Spawn as created by Todd McFarlane in the comics
Spawn as created by Todd McFarlane in the comics

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However, as a mercenary and government assassin, he is double-crossed and himself became the target of assassination on the orders of Director Jason Wynn. Once he was sent to Hell, Al Simmons makes a deal with the demon Malebolgia to return to Earth to see his wife for one last time and in return would serve the Malebolgia and become a Hellspawn.

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Todd McFarlane Teases a Spawn Movie Reboot in SDCC ’22

When the first Spawn movie was released in 1997, it was highly watered down to suit its PG-13 audience. Given the subject of the dark antihero, it was a predictable box office failure. However, in 2015, the creator of the comic, Todd McFarlane started teasing an upcoming reboot of the film, featuring Jeremy Renner and Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx is in the running for lead in the new McFarlane reboot

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When the talks of the movie began, McFarlane much to his fan’s rejoicing, announced he would pen as well as direct the reboot. The movie would be produced by the famed horror production house Blumhouse, which sounds about right considering that Hellspawn is legitimately a creature from Hell. In August of 2021, Brian Tucker was brought on board to assist with a new script.

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Todd McFarlane was expected to announce the latest updates relating to his movie at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. However, he held out by saying:

Are we moving? Are we adding pieces? All of the above, yes. The best I can say right now, besides all that’s been happening, is that it kind of got slowed down during the pandemic and then picked back up. Especially given that, for a while, the only movies people were going to during the pandemic were superhero movies – minus James Bond. Now you get Maverick, and some of the big blockbusters that are coming back to normal.

But at New York Comic-Con, there is going to be a big announcement.”

Todd McFarlane
Todd McFarlane

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Hellspawn’s Origin Story: A Synopsis

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Al Simmons had early connections to Hell as his mother was a devil worshipper. Intelligent and physically strong, Simmons joined the Marine Corps and returned a highly decorated officer. He was later recruited by the CIA and joined its umbrella corporation, the U.S. Security Group to become a capable assassin operating under the command of Director Jason Wynn (who would later become Anti-Spawn/Redeemer).

Image Comics
The Scorched Spawn

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Tired of Simmons’ growing morality and objection to the nature of his assignments, Wynn sends the former’s friend and partner, Bruce Stinson to kill him. He was burnt and sent to Hell where he strikes a Faustian deal to return to Earth. Dazed, disoriented, obliviated, and unwilling to go back to Hell, Spawn seeks his purpose on Earth and soon becomes a crime-fighting antihero and is dubbed, King of the Rat City.

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If the Spawn reboot is to become a success, McFarlane needs to ensure that the new script is perfectly tinctured with the depictions of the creature, as in the comics. Given its association with Blumhouse though, that sounds like a possibility. Moreover, given the current frenzy and fan fascination surrounding darker social satirical themes as explored in Joker and The Batman, an R-Rated Spawn reboot has a higher probability of success than a PG-13 family-friendly movie.

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