4 Reasons 1997’s Spawn Is So Bad It’s Good

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Every now and again, a work turns out to be so horrible that it causes a break in the badness continuum and returns to good. It occurs when a thing is amusing to look at precisely because of its poor craftsmanship. It’s frequently the outcome of people’s preoccupation with how things got so horrible. Spawn is an example of one such cinematic masterpiece. Let’s examine some of the causes for this:

  1. Industrial Soundtrack

Spawn music video
Spawn Music Video.

There was a time when a film’s soundtrack was an integral component of its promotion. Spawn’s soundtrack did not receive the same amount of attention, although some of its playlists may still be heard on rock stations today. Filter’s psychedelic rock duet with The Crystal Method, “(Can’t You)Trip Like I Do,” in particular. To top it off, it included imaginative collaborations with musicians like Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Prodigy, Korn and The Dust Brothers, and Marilyn Manson and Sneaker Pimps on the trademark song “Long Hard Road Out of Hell.”

  2. Weird but amazing makeup effects

Spawn movie's makeup effects
Makeup effects of The Violator in Spawn.

The amazing cosmetics work on display stood in stark contrast to the outmoded visual effects. The physical change of Michael Jai White into Al Simmons is mind-boggling. While his performance was taxing, John Leguizamo’s character as Clown/The Violator was so well-made that the actor was practically unrecognizable. Leguizamo’s transformation behind the camera was remarkable to see, with his ghostly pudgy figure and clown makeup.


   3. Powers of the cape:

The red cape of Spawn
Spawn’s red cape with magical powers.

The character Spawn’s cape, like Doctor Strange‘s, has its own special abilities that extend and flex beyond the constraints of physics. Despite the antiquated CGI, seeing this spectacular crimson free-flowing beast come to life on the big screen is innately thrilling. Any Spawn fan will faint as he descends through the ceiling and glides down to face Martin Sheen as Jason Wynn with the cape engulfing the room.

   4. One Of The First African-American Superheroes:

Black character in Spawn
Blankman: The 1st successful African American Character.

Spawn was the first excellent representation of an African American superhero on the big screen before Black Panther and Blade. Despite the fact that Spawn paved the path for Blade and Wakanda, the studio made some blundering assumptions about the audience, saying that if all of the characters were African American, White America would believe it was solely for Black people. As a result, D.B. Sweeney was cast in the part of Terry Fitzgerald, an African-American character in the comics. Fortunately, the MCU has just shattered that assumption.



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