“There’s not a single bad bone in this man’s body”: Fans Rally to Support Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield After He Bursts Into Tears Talking About His Late Mother

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Back when The Amazing Spider-Man was released in 2014, the fans did not really like Andrew Garfield. The actor had a big shoe to fit as he directly overtook Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man which the people dearly loved.


Following the so-called “redemption arc” that Andrew Garfield went through by starring in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the people supported the actor once again. The Tick, Tick…Boom actor was seen crying when talking about his late mother which made the fans teary-eyed for the actor.

Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick...Boom (2021).
Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick…Boom (2021).

When Andrew Garfield Talked About His Late Mother

The actor found himself supported by people to took to Twitter and complimented him. Being hailed as the nicest gentleman and pure, the people grieved along with the actor while talking about his late mother.

Andrew Garfield in and as The Amazing Spider-Man.
Andrew Garfield in and as The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Lynn Garfield was the mother of Andrew Garfield who lost her life due to pancreatic cancer some time back. An old video of the actor was uncovered when a certain character made him think about his mother. While teary-eyed, The Social Network actor went on to talk about what an amazing mother he had before her passage.

“It reminds me of my mom because she was a real craftswoman” the actor started saying. “She just…yeah she just. She was a maker and she was an illustrator in an architect’s firm for a while and I’m sorry. But it’s so lovely to think of her. I just love thinking of her” 

The video was attached with a tweet that complimented Andrew Garfield for being so in touch with his grief even after all these years. The people started to support and compliment the actor by tweeting about the video.



Garfield received the love of the people after he was re-introduced in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It was alleged that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was in development when Andrew Garfield had a disagreement with Sony following which the movie was scrapped. Although the actor has been evolving, people got to see his fun (and flirty) side too during the Golden Globes red carpet event.


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Andrew Garfield’s Flirting Skills Were Put To The Test

Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg at the Golden Globes red carpet event.
Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg at the Golden Globes red carpet event.

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The actor was seen chatting with Chicken Shop Date host Amelia Dimoldenberg when they met at the red carpet event for the Golden Globes. Their hilarious and constant flirty banter was recorded and spread on the Internet which the people quite enjoyed.


“I only ever want to see you,” said Garfield before quickly stating “I only ever want to see you in these kinds of situations,”

The video was shared by Amelia Dimoldenberg on her Twitter account and is essentially a must-watch.

The video sees Amelia trying to ask Andrew Garfield a serious question but neither of them is able to maintain a straight face. Andrew Garfield will be portraying the role of Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur when his upcoming project Hot Air will release. There have been no confirmed details regarding the project and remains mere speculation as of now.


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