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“They are too old”: Well Wishers Concerned For 68-Year-Old Jackie Chan After He Commits to Another Action Movie Rush Hour 4 Starring Chris Tucker

"They are too old": Well Wishers Concerned For 68-Year-Old Jackie Chan After He Commits to Another Action Movie Rush Hour 4 Starring Chris Tucker

The unbeatable Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker duo returns 15 years later in Rush Hour 4 as the film gets official confirmation from one of the leads himself. During an appearance at the Red Sea International Film Festival, being held in Saudi Arabia, Jackie Chan spoke optimistically about the sequel which was initially announced in 2018. After 4 years of stagnancy, however, the franchise finally moves ahead with the expansion as the buddy action film gets back on track.

Rush Hour 4 receives official confirmation
Rush Hour 4 receives official confirmation

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Jackie Chan Confirms Rush Hour 4 To Be in Development

With the fans already going gaga over the always-smiling Jackie Chan at the Red Sea film fest event, the occasion was made even more memorable when the actor announced the long-awaited sequel to Rush Hour 3 to be in development. As for the cast and director, Chris Tucker and Brett Ratner are set to return. With the triad now complete, the only step from here would be for the movie to enter its pre-production phase and set a tentative release schedule.

Jackie Chan at the Red Sea Film Festival
Jackie Chan at the Red Sea Film Festival

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The Hong Kong actor who rose to prominence and fame with films like Police Story (1985) and Supercop (1992) faced ample struggle at the beginning of his career to then be cynical about the Rush Hour franchise taking off. But Jackie Chan’s big Hollywood break was made definable by the traits that he considered a weak link. His accent and wobbly English contributed to the success of the franchise just as much as his comedic timing and unparalleled martial art skills. Recalling the weekend after Rush Hour debuted at the theatres, Jackie Chan says,

“I got a phone call. Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker call me from New York. They’re crazy. We were $70 million in the first weekend. For me, I don’t know how to count.”

With his funny bone still intact, the 68-year-old then goes on to confirm that the long-awaited film will finally see daylight — “We’re talking about Rush Hour 4 right now.” As expected, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will be reprising their roles as Detective Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter respectively. However, there is one major concern that has currently been clouding the celebratory news.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are set to reprise their roles in Rush Hour 4
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are set to reprise their roles in Rush Hour 4

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Fans Voice Their Concern Over the Rush Hour 4 Production

The industry fandom has spoken up, voicing equal parts excitement alongside concern about Jackie Chan reprising his role in the Rush Hour 4 movie. Although the action film had left the door open for the duo’s return for a long time, the trilogy’s dormant state for a decade and a half had subdued the fan expectations to a degree. But the 2018 announcement and the 2022 confirmation have given way to concern as people have taken to Instagram and Twitter with comments relaying the same thoughts — “They’re too old.”

Even though age has become a defining factor in the fan reception of the film’s announcement, the franchise’s past record with some of their comedic elements, too, has been brought under scrutiny. The previous three films’ records with some of their scripted jokes would not pan out well in the current socio-cultural environment and the fandom who had been enthusiastic about the franchise’s revival have now displayed concern over the massive change of tone that needs to be implemented for Rush Hour 4 to be received without censorship, cancellation, and outcries.

Source: Deadline

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