They Had Their Chance, Now It’s Our Turn’: Marvel Fans Troll David Zaslav for Letting Henry Cavill Go, Implore Kevin Feige to Bring Him To MCU as Hyperion, Sentry, or Captain Britain

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Superman’, the superhero of DC Extended Universe, is a hero who is known for his justice-seeking personality, who is caring and looks out for the weak. This character has always been the one who has received lots of love from its fans. Henry Cavill is famous for portraying the role of ‘Superman’ in live-action. Fans also love to see only him playing this role. But recently rumours are going around saying that soon Henry Cavill will walk out from this role and is going to struck a deal with Marvel instead.

Superman star Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill doesn’t want to return as Superman

The CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, was criticized fiercely for cancelling the upcoming Batgirl movie along with many others. Zaslav stated that he wants to focus solely on quality more than quantity. Now it seems he is doing the same with Henry Cavill by letting him go.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Recently, the rumours are spreading like fire about Henry Cavill leaving his famous Superman role and instead will join hands with Marvel and play as Captain Britain. Nothing has been confirmed as of now.

But this much could be said that Henry Cavill no longer seems to be interested in his previous role as Superman or we can say that he no longer wants to work with Warner Bros. Erik Davis of Fandango and Umberto Gonzalez from The Wrap told Twitter Spaces that Warner Bros did try to approach Henry Cavill to play the role of Superman or might be still approaching him but he doesn’t seem to be interested. Umberto Gonzalez said:

 “The Multiverse has to stay, if they want to keep [Supergirl actress] Sasha Calle and bring back a new Superman or bring back Cavill or something, that’s going to have to be the reality of it.”  

And Erik replied saying,


“I had heard a story that they’ve asked [Henry Cavill], and he doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t want to come back.” 

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It’s not just Warner Bros that wants him back as superman but the fans too want this ‘man of steel’ back. But some others are happy with this and want him to work with Marvel instead where they’ll be able to see more of him.

Henry Cavill first played Superman (Clark Kent) in the 2013 film Man of Steel. He later was seen in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). But when in 2019, the studio was trying to look in a different direction for DCEU, and it was reported that Henry Cavill was out of the picture for future projects.


Will Henry Cavill join Marvel?

DC; Superman
Henry Cavill as DCEU’s Superman

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It is reported that Henry Cavill is in talks with Marvel Studios for an unconfirmed role in the MCU. If the reports are true and everything goes well then we’ll be able to see Cavill as a part of MCU where his character will be able to get full focus, unlike DC.

Fans are requesting to Kevin Feige to sign Henry cavill for a MCU role. Some are also expecting him to play the roles of Hyperion or Sentry other than Captain Britain.


While some are jokingly saying that Henry Cavill we’ll be seen in the next Marvel movie, ripping his shirt and revealing he is Captain Britain.


Fans are continuously trolling Zaslav for letting go of such an amazing actor and requesting marvel to not let go of a golden opportunity like this.

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