“They hope I get R*ped”: Michael B Jordan’s “Bully” Lore’l Unhappy After Red Carpet Incident With Creed 3 Star

"They hope I get R*ped": Michael B Jordan's "Bully" Lore’l Unhappy After Red Carpet Incident With Creed 3 Star
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The entertainment world was thrown into a frenzy when media personality Lore’l and Hollywood superstar Michael B. Jordan recently had an altercation on the red carpet of the Creed III premiere. Lore’l, who hosted the event, interviewed Jordan and pointed out they had attended middle school together.


But things took a turn when Jordan accused Lore’l of calling him “corny” in an episode of the Undressing Room podcast. Lore’l immediately denied the allegations, but the incident caused a storm on social media, with many Jordan fans accusing her of bullying.

Lore’l Sheds Light On The Truth


In a recent interview with TMZ, Lore’l responded to the allegations, saying that the “bully narrative is crazy” and that she has been receiving considerable unwarranted vitriol, with some people even hoping she gets r*ped and killed.


“The bully narrative is crazy. And the things people are saying to me, like, they hope I get r*ped and killed and popped in my head…”

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Lore’l clarified that she never called Jordan “corny” during the podcast interview and that it was used by her co-host Dominique Da Diva. Lore’l did, however, poke fun at Jordan’s reputation in school, where they teased him all the time because of his name.

“I just think if you were upset ’cause you thought I called him corny, and those are things that you’re rebuttaling with, the crime and punishment … it doesn’t even match up.”

Lore’l pointed out that she and Jordan were only classmates for one year, as she was constantly transferring schools, and that the incident happened when they were only 12 years old. She added that she was never Jordan’s school bully and that it was just a lighthearted story she shared.


“So the narrative that I bullied him all throughout high school—this was 7th grade. We were like 12 years old, and everyone made fun of each other… That was school, you know. That was one year. And, again, I’ve never bullied him. That just sounds so outrageous to me.”

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Michael B Jordan
Michael B Jordan

Lore’l emphasized how she felt this incident became like the “Will Smith thing.”

“It gave the Will Smith thing. You know, he’s probably heard numerous people probably call him this before, because this is not something we haven’t heard. I just never said it. I’ve defended him numerous times, just because of the fact that I did have a rapport with him.

The artist also explained that they were not best friends in middle school. She clarified that they were simply cool with each other, which was the extent of their relationship.


Lore’l Proves She Was Not A Bully

For Lore’l, the interview on the red carpet went “totally left,” and she never expected the world to twist her words.

“When I was even asked to the carpet I did it because I am like ‘Oh this a big moment for him’ and thought it would be dope because I did know him when he was young and it just went totally left… I didn’t expect it to go like that.”

Michael B. Jordan and Lore’l
Michael B. Jordan and Lore’l

The host clarified that her reason for the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ comment was to ask the actor who he thought was better between Jonathon Majors and himself.

“And some people did try to spin the Sexiest Man comment and that was weird to me because when you do your homework he was named the sexiest man alive in the world by People magazine does it and then Jonathon Majors did an article interview where he spoke on…they asked him about possibly being the sexiest man. So when I asked that that was an all-in-fun question literally trying to turn a bad situation into something good. and I was like let’s settle this for once and for all who is the sexiest man between you two.”

She further clarified that her intention to go on to Creed III’s premiere was not to stir up a conversation of this sort but rather to do her job and “walk away.”


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Despite the incident, Lore’l said she has no ill feelings towards Jordan and that they were cool back in school. She said she had defended him numerous times, and he’s not defending her now when everyone calls her a bully, even though he knows she’s not.

“He’s doing his thing out here. I don’t have no ill feelings. But It’s crazy to me when people are like, even when they listen to the audio, ‘Well, you didn’t defend him when [Dominique Da Diva] called him corny.’ And I’m like, ‘And he’s not defending me now when everyone is calling me a bully, ’cause he knows I’m not.”

Many fans criticized Jordan for his reaction and accused him of overreacting. However, some have defended Jordan and pointed out that being called “corny” can be hurtful and that it’s understandable for him to be upset. As for Lore’l and Jordan, it’s unclear if they will ever reconcile after this incident.


Source: TMZ

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