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“They like him as Superman”: WB Discovery Willing To Bring Back Henry Cavill as Man of Steel, Reported To Be Trying To Get Him On Board

henry cavill to return as superman

Henry Cavill was one of the best actors to play the Man of Steel on the big screen across three blockbuster movies, but the actor has been missing since the shutout surrounding 2017’s Justice League. With another star, Ben Affleck, finally making his return as Batman next year in two back-to-back movies, fans are asking questions about when Henry Cavill will be back to slip into the iconic character.

Superman star Henry Cavill
Superman star Henry Cavill

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The actor currently plays in Netflix’s The Witcher and was recently rumored to come across at San Diego Comic-Con to announce his looming return, but somehow that proved to be wrong. But, according to the conversation between Fandango’s Erik Davis and The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez on Twitter, a source gave a favorable update on Henry Cavill’s future as Superman in the DCEU.

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The Latest Update on Henry Cavill’s Superman Proves He Must Return

Man of Steel is likely to return
Man of Steel is likely to return

Umberto Gonzalez first reported that “the Multiverse has to stay” if DC wishes to take on both Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU:

“The Multiverse has to stay, if they want to keep [Supergirl actress] Sasha Calle and bring back a new Superman or bring back Cavill or something, that’s going to have to be the reality of it.”

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Erik Davis further asked Umberto Gonzalez what he knew about Superman’s future, and expressed that he heard a rumor that “they’ve asked him, and he doesn’t want to do it:”

“I do know that the current regime, they like him as Superman and I think they’re going to try… This is probably going to turn into a story, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure they’ll maybe try to [get him back]… I could be wrong, I just don’t think they’ve had a take yet for him to come back. But again, that’s all subject to whoever the new DC guy is overseeing the universe and this committee and the one answering to David Zaslav. It’s been almost ten years since we’ve seen him in Man of Steel. But what I can say, I personally, I don’t think it’s over just yet.”

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Will Henry Cavill return as Superman in DCEU?

Henry Cavill proves to be making a comeback as Superman
Henry Cavill proves to be making a comeback as Superman

According to Warner Bros. Discovery’s plan in bringing Henry Cavill back as Superman actually indicates well for his chances of coming back as the Man of Steel. The star has recently been open about his interest in returning as a DC hero, so the chances are much higher now.

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CEO David Zaslav also showed his interest in working on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman more going ahead, setting up a big return for the Man of Steel. With Ben Affleck arriving as The Dark Knight in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, DC is now seriously up for including its best-known heroes.

Source: The Direct