“They may make you cry”: Ominous Warning Ahead of House of the Dragon Season 2 Ups the Ante For Blacks vs Greens Drama

George R.R. Martin shared an ominous warning for House of the Dragon season 2

“They may make you cry”: Ominous Warning Ahead of House of the Dragon Season 2 Ups the Ante For Blacks vs Greens Drama


  • House of the Dragon season 1 ended in such a way that left fans heartbroken
  • House of the Dragon season 2 promises to follow up on the tragedy in a massive way
  • Even George R.R. Martin left an ominous warning for House of the Dragon season 2
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House of the Dragon is the prequel to Game of Thrones and follows the Targaryen dynasty on the fictional continent of Westeros. The series takes place almost two centuries before the events of Game of Thrones and about a century after the Targaryens united the Seven Kingdoms. A lot happened in the first season last year and now George R.R. Martin himself decided to hype up season 2 by giving a brief hint at what fans can expect from the season.

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House of the Dragon was a resurgence for the series, as it brought back the sense of urgency, betrayal and political intrigue that fans of Game of Thrones had come to expect from the series. For many people, it washed away the bad taste that was left in the mouths of fans due to the last two seasons of Game of Thrones.


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George R.R. Martin Gave A Major Warning About What’s To Come In Season 2

House of the Dragon season 1 has already set up a lot of major events that will be unfolding in season 2. This includes the inevitable battle between the Blacks and The Greens. In case you didn’t know, those who supported Alicent Hightower were dubbed as Greens while those who supported Rhaenyra Targaryen are the Blacks.


As revealed by George R.R. Martin’s recent blog update, he met up with the writers for House of the Dragon season 2, notably Ryan Condal and his writing staff. Martin gave a warning to fans of the impending disasters that would befall both groups within the first two episodes of season 2, adding that it would be heartbreaking and sad.

The highlight of the trip, though, had to be the sneak preview that Ryan gave me of the first two episodes of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, season two.  (Rough cuts, of course).   Of course, I am hardly objective when talking about anything based on my own work… but I have to say, I thought both episodes were just great.   (And they are not even finished yet).   Dark, mind you.   Very dark.   They may make you cry.   (I did not cry myself, but one of my friends did).   Powerful, emotional, gut-wrenching, heart rending.   Just the sort of thing I like.  (What can I say?  I was weaned on Shakespeare, and love the tragedies and history plays best of all).”

Needless to say, there are quite a few fans who are extremely excited for House of the Dragon’s second season, which promises to be the bloodiest and most heartbreaking season yet. We’ll have to see how the second season will turn out.


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Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen

What Happened At The End of Season 1 Which Sets Up Season 2?

The final episode of season one of House of the Dragon ended on a shocking note for quite a few reasons. After all, the final act saw Lucerys Velaryon’s heartbreaking death. Lucerys Velaryon was Princess Rhaenyra’s son before he was eaten mid-flight by Aemond Targaryen’s dragon, Vhagar.

Lucerys Velaryon and Rhaenyra Targaryen

When Princess Rhaenyra came to know this, only one thing was on her mind – revenge. Therefore, that will be the basis on which the princess will begin her path of destruction in season 2. Naturally, fans can’t wait to see who will end up dying at her hands. The show is set to air next year, so fans won’t have to wait all that long.

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