“They still don’t get it”: One Piece Live-Action Fails to Impress Dragon Ball Goku Voice Actor, Calls Netflix’s Adaptation ‘Terrible’ Despite Extreme Popularity

"They still don't get it": One Piece Live-Action Fails to Impress Dragon Ball Goku Voice Actor, Calls Netflix's Adaptation 'Terrible' Despite Extreme Popularity

Netflix has acknowledged that the first season of the live-action version was a hit, and it was undoubtedly one of the most watched shows in recent weeks. Given One Piece’s very extensive and ever-expanding tale, One Piece finally broke the curse of live-action anime adaptations. Fans have shown the same enthusiasm for the series as they have for the manga and anime. Many people complimented the actors, graphics, narrative, and characters of the first season. The story of the series has stayed fascinating due to the characters developed in the first season.

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One Piece Live-Action

Even after earning so much appreciation and success, there are still some viewers who have shown their disappointment in the series. Among those is the famous Sean Schemmel, who is the longtime voice of Son Goku.


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Sean Schemmel Expresses His Disappointment With The Series

The Dragon Ball English voice actor claimed that One Piece did not impress him and that Hollywood had not learned anything from the catastrophic Dragonball Evolution. In an interview with Bleeding Cool, he explained how the American industry could not understand the concept of live-action.


“It’s weird because I have an insider’s view and I’ve watched Hollywood try to figure out anime my whole career, and they still haven’t figured it out. You don’t realize it until you see them, and I’m not entirely sure that the anime genre will ever translate well to any live-action. I’m not entirely convinced.”

The cast of the live-action series were chosen carefully
One Piece Live Action Cast

The popularity of Netflix’s One Piece has begun to transform this reputation for the better, but Schemmel remains unconvinced. The actor claims that one day he might persuade himself otherwise. Despite the flawless casting, great editing, and epic storyline, Schemmel believes that Hollywood would never be able to figure out a perfect manner to translate the anime genre into a live-action.

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Sean Schemmel Thinks One Piece Live-Action is Terrible

Schemmel compared the disappointment of the series with Dragon Ball’s live-action. He said he thinks it’s interesting that Hollywood is trying hard to get in that space but is failing miserably. He said:

“I’ve only seen part of the live-action One Piece, and frankly I think it’s terrible. The live-action ‘Dragon Ball Z’ (2009) movie was also terrible but for a different reason. They had changed directors halfway through production, before even starting production. It’s interesting to see how Hollywood has tried to latch onto this story and get into that space… As a public figure, I feel very nervous just saying, ‘I don’t really like the live-action One Piece.’ It’s not necessarily the fault of the crew and cast.”

Sean Schemmel
Sean Schemmel

Although One Piece live-action has made a name for itself in the books of successful series, there are still some people who feel disappointed against the concept of Live-Action and may not accept it as a genre, just like the popular Dragon Ball voice artist.


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