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‘They were begging me to eat something’: Tom Holland’s Otherworldly Weight Loss Regimen Included Running 10 Miles in a Bin Bag, Eating Only 500 Calories a Day

Tom Holland

Being a movie star of as large of a scale as Tom Holland is no easy work. However, all that hard work from the British actor goes into giving his all in the movies that he works in – like his spectacular display in Marvel’s new Spider-Man movie series of the 2010s or even the new Uncharted movie in which he plays the protagonist Nathan Drake.

Getting such high-profile casting calls from major movie studios is a level of success that does not come overnight, and Tom Holland really did put in the work required. Here’s how the Spider-Man: No Way Home star prepared for a role in a movie that came out just last year.

Tom Holland FandomWire
Tom Holland

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Tom Holland’s Strict Weight Loss Regimen For Cherry

Tom Holland started off his stride into the movie industry in 2010, earning a role in the British dub of the Japanese animated fantasy movie Arriety.

However, his real breakthrough into the industry came when he was cast in the much sought-after role of Peter Parker, that is, Spider-Man. He signed in for a six-movie contract with Marvel Studios in June 2015, and the rest is history.

Tom Holland FandomWire
Tom Holland in Cherry

Even now, Holland remains one of the A-list actors who make hefty sums by starring in movies funded by major movie studios and production companies. The British actor’s strict weight loss regimen for a lead role in Anthony and Joe Russo’s 2021 American crime drama Cherry only goes on to show us that he is determined to stay at the top.

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Sitting down with GQ back in 2021, Tom Holland revealed that he lost a quarter of his body weight through a rigorous training regimen of running 10 miles a day in a bin bag combined with crash dieting. As he said-

“My energy levels were so low.”

It’s amazing that the 26-year-old, at such a young age, is so dedicated to his craft. It only goes on to show how far he has come as an actor.

Here’s A Positive Update On Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4

We all miss Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and Marvel fans are especially longing to see their beloved Peter Parker actor come back to the big screens as part of a new Marvel Studios production.

Tom Holland FandomWire
Tom Holland as Spider-Man

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And now, after a recent update regarding the development of the movie, hopes can be kept high for Marvel fans. A positive update has come from Sony’s chairman Tom Rothman himself, who during a recent profile with The Hollywood Reporter, talked about what’s happening with the planned Spider-Man 4 movie.

When asked about how obvious it was that the movie would eventually start production, Rothman said-

“You bet”

Those two words are enough for Marvel fans, and Spider-Man fans, to chill out and wait for further exciting updates on the future of Spider-Man 4 as it is sort of confirmed to be happening now.

Cherry is currently available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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