“They were just scared at that point”: Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Take No For an Answer, Disguised Herself to Get the Movie Role She Wanted

"They were just scared at that point": Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Take No For an Answer, Disguised Herself to Get the Movie Role She Wanted

Among the numerous stars that take the stage in the Hollywood industry, there are always some among them who stand out more than others, which also makes them a contender to reach the top of the hierarchy. Jennifer Lawrence is among this group of Hollywood hotshots that have taken the world by storm thanks to their amazing acting talents.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

And while she may be one of the most talented individuals, talent doesn’t shine until you’re not ready to work your hardest for it. This knowledge is something that she understood earlier in her career when she declined to be cast for the role of the leading character, but refusing to give up, she went into auditions one more time, which bore fruit in the end.

Jennifer Lawrence Went Into Auditions Again Despite Being Rejected Before For Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Winter's Bone
Jennifer Lawrence in a still from Winter’s Bone

While she might be one of the most highly sought-after actresses of modern times in the Hollywood industry, Jennifer Lawrence had to earn that fame and fortune through hard work and dedication. Knowing that she had the talent to make a name for herself in the world of acting, she moved to New York City, where she started working in minor roles from where she gained notoriety. But her breakthrough role came in the form of the lead character in 2010’s drama Winter’s Bone, which she very well could’ve lost if it hadn’t been for her steadfast nature.

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During a discussion panel in the past, the Passengers star talked about what it was like to rise through the ranks in the film business and what kind of challenges she faced along the way. Here, she also recalled the hardships she had to go through to get her first major role in the aforementioned film. She explained that despite the casting director’s rejection of her, she went in again, sparsely disguised so he may not notice her again. She said:

“When Winter’s Bone turned me down, they were doing LA casting that I went to, and then they were like, ‘no thank you.’ Then, they opened up casting in New York, and I flew to New York and just kind of re-entered like a stranger. I think they know that they had seen me before, but maybe they were just scared at that point.”

Whether it may be the dedication that she had shown for the role or it might be because she brought her A game this time, nonetheless, Lawrence bagged the lead role, and the rest is history.

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What Was Winter’s Bone About?

A still from Winter's Bone
A still from Winter’s Bone

When the world pushes you to break, you can either collapse or strengthen your will and seek out a path to salvation. The story of Winter’s Bone encapsulates this ideology with its main character Ree Dolly, who is living in the mountains of Ozark with her mentally-ill mother and two siblings with an absent father. When the sheriff comes to their home one day and informs them that her father had put their house for sale, it pushes Ree to seek out her father and end the slowly oncoming misery.

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Winter’s Bone, streaming on Hulu.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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