“They were not in that world”: Ralph Macchio Rules Out Jackie Chan Joining Cobra Kai Because Of One Reason That Would Upset Fans

Ralph Macchio Rules Out Jackie Chan Joining Cobra Kai Because Of One Reason That Would Upset Fans
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Ralph Macchio’s Karate Kid franchise had a significant cultural impact on a lot of people in the 1980s. Even now Cobra Kai, the popular television series of the trilogy has captivated old and new audiences with its unique storyline and storytelling. Despite fans’ apprehensions about the television series, Cobra Kai is everything a reboot should be and even more.

Ralph Macchio
Ralph Macchio

From bringing back old characters to the original cast members reprising their popular roles, it is a smashing hit that unfortunately would be ending after its yet-to-be-released sixth season. While it still has a huge fan base, fans are sad to let the series go. But one thing that they can’t seem to give up on is asking whether Jackie Chan could somehow re-enter the Karata Kid universe and fans might be disappointed after hearing Ralph Macchio’s reply.

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Fans Want Jackie Chan To Join Ralph Macchio’s Cobra Kai

A still from Cobra Kai
A still from Cobra Kai

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When Ralph Macchio reprised his iconic role of Daniel LaRusso, fans had doubts about whether Cobra Kai would be any good as a reboot or just end up being another miserable venture in the world of reboots and remakes. Much to everyone’s amazement Cobra Kai turned out to be an excellent take on what is popularly referred to as the ‘Miyagiverse’.

While the series is supposed to end after its sixth and final season, much to the dismay of fans, there is one thing fans wish to witness before it comes to an end. That was to have Jackie Chan reprise his role of Mr. Han. Chan played the popular character when the Jaden Smith starrer 2010 Karate Kid remake of the same name was made.


And so Ralph Macchio was asked the inevitable question if that might ever be possible in an interview with Jake Hamilton on Jake’s Takes. And his reply might disappoint a lot of fans of the popular franchise.

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Ralph Macchio On Why Jackie Chan Cannot Be Part Of Cobra Kai

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in a still from 2010's Karate Kid
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in a still from 2010’s Karate Kid

Jackie Chan starrer Karate Kid was a huge success. An original and modern take on the popular franchise, it was well-received and both Chan and Jaden Smith received critical praise for their portrayals. So, it is obvious that fans might want them to come back in Cobra Kai. However, that is a feat impossible as Ralph Macchio stated in an interview with Jake Hamilton on Jake’s Takes.


“Well, I don’t think… I mean here’s the thing.. it’s a great question but there is a simple answer to why that won’t work in the Cobra Kai universe because… The guys that Jon, Josh, and Hayden talk about the Miyagiverse. Anyone who knew Mr. Miyagi and interacted with Mr. Miyagi is canon for our show. Wheres the characters of Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, they were not in that world. It was a remake.”

While it is a hard pill to swallow, fans do agree that it would be difficult to have them back.

Cobra Kai can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: Jake’s Takes


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