“They were once extremely close”: Heartbreaking Detail on Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s Relationship Comes Out Amid Her Cancer Treatment

Woes increase for Prince Harry as he is not allowed to meet his beloved sister-in-law amid her cancer diagnosis.

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton
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  • Kate Middleton shocked the netizens this March when she revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Prince Harry, who has been close to his sister-in-law was reportedly hit hard by the news and wanted to reach her.
  • However, recent reports confirm that Prince William will not allow his younger brother to go near Kate Middleton anytime soon.
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Prince Harry shared an adorable bond with his sister-in-law Kate Middleton in the past before his high-profile split from the British Royal Family. When the Princess of Wales admitted this March that she has been battling an unspecified form of cancer, Prince Harry, just like the rest of the world was reportedly hit hard by the disheartening news.


However, it does not look like the younger son of King Charles III would get a chance to reconcile with his sister-in-law soon.

Prince Harry can't reconcile with Kate Middleton
Prince Harry | Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The British Royal Family raised several headlines when Prince Harry and his wife left behind their royal duties in 2020. Since then, there has been a growing alienation of Prince Harry from the rest of the family and according to recent reports, the rift is only getting worse with each passing day.


Why can’t Prince Harry reconcile with Kate Middleton?

In March this year, Kate Middleton took to a video message to confirm the rumors about her ill health and informed the world that she went through a major surgery that detected cancer. She also added that she had been undergoing chemotherapy since late February (via BBC News).

The netizens were speculating if Prince Harry would reconcile with his family as he recently came to London to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Invictus Games. However, a spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex reported to Fox News that “His Majesty’s full programme” would not permit a meeting between the two.

Royal Expert confirms that Prince William will not let Prince Harry go near Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Royal expert and author Christopher Anderson added to Fox News that he would not be able to meet with his sister-in-law as well. He stated that the Prince was once very close with the Duchess of Cambridge and “would love to reconnect” with her but Prince William will not allow it.


“They were once extremely close, and Harry was hit hard by the news of her cancer diagnosis, which he learned about just the way the rest of us did, via Kate’s shocking video. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear [Prince] William is willing to let his brother anywhere near his ailing wife. There was just too much drama between the brothers and their wives, and there is lingering bitterness on everyone’s part.”

Prince Harry had mentioned in his memoir Spare that he loved his sister-in-law very much. He even went on to hail Middleton as “more sister than in-law”. Nevertheless, their relationship took a sour turn after the 39-year-old Prince publicly criticized his family alongside his wife Meghan Markle.

Prince William updates on Kate Middleton’s health

Prince William updates on Kate Middleton's health
Prince William with Kate Middleton | Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Recently we got some updates on Kate Middleton after the Duke of Cornwall visited St. Mary’s Community Hospital on the Isles of Scilly in Southwest England. According to Time, the heir to the British throne revealed that the Princess of Wales is doing well.

Reportedly, while the administrator at the hospital, Tracy Smith, gave Prince William a tour of the hospital, she enquired about Middleton’s health. Sky News reported that Prince William disclosed a positive update on his wife’s health to Smith.


“I asked William about his wife Kate and he said, ‘she’s doing well, thanks,’ and I suggested they might like to come for a visit and bring the children.”

Prince William also joked that his children “are very jealous” they could not accompany their father.

Kate Middleton has previously stated in her video message that she would love “time, space, and privacy” from the netizens in this tough period. However, she also assured the viewers that she was “getting stronger every day”. With the present update from Prince William, it looks like the mother-to-three is responding well to her treatments.


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