‘They Will Give Me a Shot’: Kingsman Star Taron Egerton Adds More Fuel to the Fire, Says He’s Hopeful Marvel Hires Him as Wolverine

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The character of Wolverine is incredibly fascinating. What’s more, Huge Jackman, one of the best actors of our age played the role. However, it’s time for a fresh face to step in the shoes of Jackman and play the mutant on the big screen.

Taron Egerton may be in serious contention to bag the role of Wolverine
Taron Egerton in Kingsman: The Secret Service

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In a fresh development, Kingsman star Taron Egerton has revealed that he is in serious contention to bag the coveted role of the mutant. We take a closer look at this in this article.


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Taron Egerton Shares His Experience of Playing Sir Elton John in Rocketman

Taron Egerton may be in serious contention to bag the role of Wolverine
Taron Egerton

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, actor Taron Egerton shared how playing Sir Elton John in his biopic and working with director Dexter Fletcher helped him broaden his horizons. He said: “When (I did) ‘Rocketman’, because of the musical elements of it, I had been involved with lots of elements of the storytelling that weren’t just about the acting.

Egerton continued: “I had a close relationship with the director – it wasn’t our first project – so I’d been popping into the edit to see how things were going. And I’d enjoyed those conversations; I’d enjoyed being in the studio and learning about how the music was going to fit into the film and all the rest of it.” The actor then concluded: “By the time this came around, I knew that I was interested in filmmaking conversations as well as acting ones. So, I just asked them if I could be a producer, and if they would welcome my input in that way. And they, very surprisingly and kindly, said yes. That’s how it happened to me.”


This film was a perfect exhibition of the acting talent and skill of Taron Egerton.

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Taron Egerton is Hopeful That Marvel Would Hire Him as Wolverine

Taron Egerton posing as Wolverine

Exciting things might be ahead for the Kingsman actor. He shared his excitement and nervousness with The New York Times in an interview about getting the role of Wolverine. He said: “I’d be excited but I’d be apprehensive as well because Hugh is so associated with the role that I’d wonder if it’d be very difficult for someone else to do it. It’s early days. But hopefully, if it does come around, they’ll give me a shot.”


Taron Egerton is a talented actor who certainly has what it takes to play the role of the Mutant. It remains to be seen if he actually bags the role.

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