“They’re a lot closer than anyone believes”: Henry Cavill Returning For Man of Steel 2 Reportedly Happening Real Soon After Netflix Fast Tracks The Witcher Season 4 With Liam Hemsworth

“They’re a lot closer than anyone believes”: Henry Cavill Returning For Man of Steel 2 Reportedly Happening Real Soon After Netflix Fast Tracks The Witcher Season 4 With Liam Hemsworth
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Warner Bros. Discovery’s takeover has ensured that DC’s new films, television, and animated projects move along with a more planned assurance than ever before. The arrival of Man of Steel 2 also announces DC’s new intention of moving away from loosely scripted individual narratives and interspersed arcs in movies to provide a more connected universe.


While a Henry Cavill-led movie was a matter of necessity more than want at this point, the film’s development also tells us something more crucial — the level-headedness of the restructured franchise, with its two new co-heads, will be a cinematic goliath in the years to come considering its already established foundation in comics for over a century’s worth of corpus and history.

Man of Steel's arc might be rebooted due to Flashpoint
Man of Steel’s arc might be rebooted in DCU due to Flashpoint

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Why is a Man of Steel 2 Necessary For DC Films’ Revival?

While Black Adam was a transition from the past into the future of DC Films, films like The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom still carry shreds of evidence from the earlier era in their solo narratives. With 2023 set to tie up these individual storylines, the path forward from there is laid bare for the Man of Steel 2 project to take shape. The film that birthed the highly controversial DCEU will now be the first project to be developed under the completely new DCU. As such, the Henry Cavill film will not merely help set the tone for the decade-long vision of Zaslav and his billion-dollar-worth industry but usher in the golden age of DC and all its elemental superhero characters.

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as Superman

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The initial actions performed since Warner Bros. Discovery’s ascension to power can be equated to a scorched earth policy. While David Zaslav set out on a path of demolition and reconstruction, one of the first plans of action was to transition out the regime of Walter Hamada, Toby Emmerich, Courtenay Valenti, Carolyn Blackwood, and Allison Abbate. Most of them had been long-term associates under WarnerMedia groups as department heads (COOs, Presidents, or EPs). But now, with Zaslav’s hand-picked new management at the helm, the era of progressive development begins and it starts with Man of Steel 2.


Man of Steel 2 is Arriving Sooner Than Expected: Here’s Why

On his YouTube show, John Campea briefly discussed the correlation between Henry Cavill laying down his sword and medallion at Netflix’s The Witcher and his comeback as DC universe’s Superman. The two announcements which broke the internet back to back are obviously interconnected at some level — the most obvious being, scheduling conflicts between leading two major franchises — but Campea has his suspicions about The Witcher‘s early announcement of Liam Hemsworth as the replacement.

Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth is set to take over as Geralt of Rivia

According to the YouTube host, there was no need to make the announcement about the show recasting Geralt in Season 4 (considering Season 3 isn’t even out yet) if Netflix wasn’t planning to already be going into production for its fourth run. In that case, there has to be an explanation for the public when they spot the younger Hemsworth brother donning the Geralt armor. It then also means that Cavill’s shift to DCU is taking up the entirety of his time for him to not be able to divvy up a few months for filming The Witcher Season 4. And what could Henry Cavill exactly be doing in the DC Universe to keep him so busy if not flying around as the caped Last Son of Krypton?

“We have both heard that they are a lot closer to shooting a new Superman thing than anybody is being led on to believe. And if that’s the case, then it’s not that one doesn’t have time to play multiple roles, it’s just that if something’s going to be shooting at the same time… So this could mean two things. Number one, that they’re going to be shooting Season 4 real damn soon. And number two, they could be going into production on a Superman movie by February or March.”

Henry Cavill lays down his Witcher medallion
Henry Cavill lays down his Witcher medallion

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Although the theory sounds a bit far-fetched, it also has some probability of truth and logicality to it. Considering how eager David Zaslav is with getting a move on things at DC Films, James Gunn’s recent promotion, and an overall tangible shift in the atmosphere surrounding the franchise, Henry Cavill’s foothold in DCU could very well be more than just a cameo and a few boardroom meetings at this point.

Source: The John Campea Show

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