WB-Discovery CEO David Zaslav, DCU Head Peter Safran Reportedly Had Lunch With Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg to Discuss Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2

Steven Spielberg is reportedly involved in the Man of Steel 2 project.
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Just a few days ago, the news about Peter Safran and James Gunn taking over the position of co-CEOs at DC Studios broke out, and it looks like the Aquaman 2 producer is already looking to quicken the pace of things at the franchise, as the much-awaited Man of Steel 2 project is reportedly progressing with Safran said to be talking about it with Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg.

Man of Steel 2 is reportedly in the works
Man of Steel 2 is reportedly in the works

Following Henry Cavill’s reprisal of the role of Superman at the DCEU, a sequel to the 2013 film, Man of Steel has been all that fans have been talking about. And although the British actor has been talking about his character and the new light he plans to portray him in, he hasn’t given away any concrete information with regard to Man of Steel 2.

There had been talks about WB being in the quest for screenwriters for the film just a while ago, and it looks like the DC heads are getting more serious about the project as they reportedly take a step forward with regard to the same.


Man of Steel 2 was recently the hot topic at lunch at DC Studios

Heat Vision, a newsletter from The Hollywood Reporter, recently reported the WB Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, and the Jurassic Park director, Steven Spielberg having lunch together and having a discussion about Man of Steel 2, hinting towards the latter’s involvement in the upcoming Superman project. And later, the new DCU head Peter Safran along with the Academy-Award-winning filmmaker, Christopher Nolan, joined the table as well.

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Man Of Steel
DC heads have apparently been going through details about the new Superman sequel

Although nothing is certain about what exactly went down at the said lunch, sources claim that the meeting was about Henry Cavill’s Superman sequel, indicating Spielberg’s apparent involvement in the project.


Nolan being at the helm of things with regard to the film is not something entirely out of the blue, given the fact that he was one of the producers of the 2013 Man of Steel and has plenty of experience when it comes to producing and directing DC films. And even if Spielberg was to take over the new project, it wouldn’t be his first rodeo with a superhero movie.

Will Steven Spielberg be at the helm of Man of Steel 2?

The pioneer of the modern blockbuster took up the production of Blackhawks, a film adaptation of the World War II title from DC comics. Although it is still said to be in development, it’d be safe to assume that Steven Spielberg is more or less privy to the layout of such movies.

Rumors even had it that Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige had asked the Jaws director to direct the upcoming MCU film, Fantastic Four before the latter declined the offer.


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Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg

Spielberg is known for making some of the most successful and critically acclaimed films of all time, so his take on things would be more than welcome in the superhero franchise. Not to mention, DC fans already seem to be thrilled about his reported involvement in Man of Steel 2, so the American filmmaker definitely has the seal of approval from the audience.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet with regard to the same, so only time will tell whether Spielberg is actually going to take over the Superman sequel or not.


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