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‘They’re all around his age and he’s not after teenagers’: Henry Cavill Fans Vigorously Defend Superman Star after Internet Brands Him a ‘Groomer’ for Dating Teens

'They're all around his age and he's not after teenagers': Henry Cavill Fans Vigorously Defend Superman Star after Internet Brands Him a 'Groomer' for Dating Teens

Henry Cavill has recently been seeing a lot of his fans and supporters stand up for him when he parted ways with the DC Universe and departure from The Witcher series. He received some backlash after leaving the latter yet fans chose to stick by his side regardless of the rumors surrounding him.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

His fans have been his biggest support during these times as he transitions from his days as Superman to starring in his own Warhammer 40000 series. Now fans have lined up to defend the actor because of people labeling him as a groomer due to the age difference between him and his partners. They are by his side making sure that the actor does not have to answer the audience about his personal life.

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Henry Cavill Gets Labeled As A Groomer By The Audience

Henry Cavill‘s past is being highly observed by fans and some are unable to let go of the actor who dated Tara King when she was only 19 years of age. However, fans have argued that both of them were grown adults who took the decision mutually and broke it off only months later due to differences in their opinions. Cavill’s supporters have also pointed out how even after seven years, there are people who aren’t able to understand that they were both sound adults.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

They have also pointed out how most of his previous relationships had a minimum age gap ranging from only 2-8 years. The actor has only dated adults and in no way has he done anything to be called a groomer or a pedophile. Furthermore, the fans have pointed out that it is wrong to hate an actor based on lies and rumors that are far from the truth.

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Fans Support Henry Cavill When He Gets Continuously Labeled

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Fans side with Cavill as he gets thrashed for being with someone more than half a decade ago. They have further compared his situation to Chris Evans’s and Jessica Baptista’s who are 41 and 25 respectively.

Fans have since pointed out how dating someone younger than you is okay and should not encourage other people to label people when they are unaware of the full situation. The actor has not yet given out any statement regarding the same and the audience has defended him by saying that he does not need to release any either. It’s his private life and he has not dated any minor.

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