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“They’re not around much anymore”: Jeremy Renner’s Marvel Co-star Was Smitten By Hawkeye Star After Falling For His “Steve McQueen” Charm

Jeremy Renner’s Marvel Co-star Was Smitten By Hawkeye Star After Falling For His “Steve McQueen” Charm

Jeremy Renner co-starred in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford alongside Oscar-winning star Sam Rockwell. The two performers, who each have a diverse filmography that includes a Marvel stint, have known each other for a long time. In interviews and tweets, both have voiced their appreciation for one another.

Sam Rockwell and Jeremy Renner
Sam Rockwell and Jeremy Renner

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A friendship like this ought to birth some intriguing anecdotes and first impressions! And that was precisely the case for Rockwell, who once described his initial meeting with Renner. The latter’s charming old-school Steve McQueen-esque disposition left a long-lasting impact on the Jojo Rabbit alum. There were also instances where the two shared hilarious stories about their bond, one detailing how Rockwell would lip-sync to the Hawkeye star’s voice during karaoke sessions!

Sam Rockwell Was Charmed By Jeremy Renner During Their First Meeting

Sam Rockwell's first meeting with Jeremy Renner!
Sam Rockwell’s first meeting with Jeremy Renner!

Sam Rockwell revealed close friend Jeremy Renner’s unique charm and what set him apart among the crowd during their first meeting. According to him, Renner possessed an appeal reminiscent of Steve McQueen, a laconic, uber-cool, and stoic macho film star of the 1960s. Even Rockwell, who observed that actors like the Arrival star are no longer around, was enthralled by this quality. Talking to Men’s Journal, the former divulged his long-lasting impression of the Marvel superstar, stating the following:

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“He was at a bar in Calgary, kind of crouched over a whiskey. He had this sort of West Coast machismo, an old-school Steve McQueen thing. It’s cool to have guys like that in the movie business, because they’re not around much anymore.”
Talking of his friend’s uber-masculine, multi-talented disposition, Rockwell affirmed:
“Renner’s good on a motorcycle, he’s good on a horse, he can drive a car. He’s just a dude.”
Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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This must’ve been the exact quality of Renner’s—a gritty deportment accompanied by macho energy—that landed him the roles of characters that matched a similar temperament.

Other tales do a better job of capturing the unique bond the two stars share. One anecdote, recounted by both actors on different occasions, highlighted how Renner would help Rockwell during karaoke sessions years ago.


Sam Rockwell Used To Lip-Sync To Jeremy Renner’s Voice

Jeremy Renner and Sam Rockwell
Jeremy Renner and Sam Rockwell

Appearing on The Ellen Show in 2018, Sam Rockwell revealed that he used to dabble in a little bit of dancing and karaoke—activities that frequently involved other famous people. One of them was Jeremy Renner. The Mr. Right alum described how he went up on stage and pretended to sing when recounting the incident. Instead of him, the Mayor of Kingstown star would perform the singing, and Rockwell would merely lip-sync. Following was his statement:

“My friend Jeremy Renner and a big crew of these guys—we would go this place [called] Gower Gulch. I would get on stage and pretend to sing karaoke to a James Brown song, and Renner would be hiding in the audience with a microphone like this [sinks into the couch], actually singing because he has a better voice than I do. And I would dance and lip sync.”

Sam Rockwell and Jeremy Renner in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)
Sam Rockwell and Jeremy Renner in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

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Renner talked of a similar incident with singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show. When asked about the occurrence, the Hawkeye actor confirmed that he would sing while his friend would lip-sync to his voice:

“We did it a few times. […] One time, I was hiding behind the curtain. I was singing, and he [Sam Rockwell] went up and performed it. I did that for a lot of my friends! They would, you know, get phone numbers out of the deal.”

This revelation made Clarkson exclaim, “You’re the best wingman ever!” 

What a great friend, indeed.

Rockwell’s description of Renner and the amusing incidents they’ve experienced together make it apparent that the latter has left an indelible impression on his long-time buddy. May the two continue to share such humorous anecdotes about each other!

Source: Men’s Journal, The Ellen Show, and The Kelly Clarkson Show

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