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“They’re not pregnant while fighting”: James Cameron Disses Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, Claims Kate Winslet’s Avatar 2 Character is Real Female Empowerment

James Cameron Disses Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel

After the release of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water in the last month of the previous year, the franchise showed the world how a sequel, more than a decade later, can still possess such a powerful punch as the original did. The film is now on its way to reaching the destination of $1.5 Billion in less than a month, something that was hoped from the sequel and it delivered on that open and then some.

James Cameron with the cast of Avatar 2 at the film's premiere in London
James Cameron with the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water at the film’s premiere in London

With the release of the film, fans were greeted by the oceans of the planet Pandora, where Jake Sully and Neytiri are heading to seek shelter from the wrath of the RDA. Here, fans are greeted by the leaders of the Metkayina clan, a couple named Ronal and Tonowari. Here, we are also greeted with the fact that Ronal is a warrior who is a beauty in battle while also being pregnant at the same time, something that Cameron takes pride in, saying this is his version of Women’s Empowerment.

James Cameron Made An Expecting Female Warrior That Portrayed True Women Empowerment!

James Cameron
Ronal and Tonowari in a still from Avatar: The Way of the Water

As the sequel to the most commercially successful film in history finally made it to cinemas around the globe, director James Cameron was ready to mesmerize the fans with his creation. Avatar: The Way of Water, a movie that took more than a decade to arrive in theatres was just as magical as the first one was, added with the magic of a new side of Pandora was something no one could’ve dreamt of. Along with this film, the Terminator director also redefined Women Empowerment with the depiction of Ronal’s battle prowess despite expecting a newborn in a short while.

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Kate Winslet returned back to work with her former director from Titanic to make the magic of showing a woman, who is a couple of months pregnant, fighting tooth and nail to save her people from the enemy. Cameron also pointed this out in an earlier interview with Variety, where he said that the character of Ronal was far more representing of what Woman Empowerment is compared to the likes of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. He said:

“But what is such a big part of a woman’s life that we, as men, don’t experience? And I thought, ‘Well, if you’re really going to go all the way down the rabbit hole of female empowerment, let’s have a female warrior who’s six months pregnant in battle.’ It doesn’t happen in our society — probably hasn’t happened for hundreds of years. But I guarantee you, back in the day, women had to fight for survival and protect their children, and it didn’t matter if they were pregnant. And pregnant women are more capable of being a lot more athletic than we, as a culture, acknowledge. I thought, ‘Let’s take the real boundaries off.’ To me, it was the last bastion that you don’t see. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel — all these other amazing women come up, but they’re not moms and they’re not pregnant while they’re fighting evil.”

And truly, this was something that had never been seen before anywhere else, which was executed to perfection by the legendary director.

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James Cameron’s Future Plans With The Avatar Franchise

Avatar: The Way of Water may be pirated in Russia.
Avatar: The Way of Water may just be the start of an epic.

James Cameron is a visionary, so when people hear that the next films of the series have already been written and one of them finished production, many go deep in admiration rather than surprise. As per the director, the sequel to Avatar: The Way of Water has already finished production, while a fourth film is all set to start filming soon. With Cameron addressing the fact that there is so much more to Avatar, we might be in for a long ride ahead.

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Avatar: The Way of Water, now in cinemas

Source: Variety

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