“Things have been getting very tiring lately”: Hunter x Hunter Creator’s Troubling Statement May Have Been the Final Nail in the Coffin for $30M Anime

Hunter x Hunter Creator's Troubling Statement May Have Been the Final Nail in the Coffin for $30M Anime
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Hunter x Hunter is a highly popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, created by Yoshihiro Togashi, known for Yu Yu Hakusho. The story follows Gon Freecss, a young boy on a quest to become a hunter and find his father.


Along the way, he meets both allies and foes, embarking on thrilling and perilous adventures. The anime series has had multiple adaptations.

Hunter x Hunter: Gon Freecss And Killua Zoldyck
Gon Freecss And Killua Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter

The Hunter x Hunter manga series has faced significant delays in its release schedule because the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, has experienced health issues.


These health problems have led to several extended breaks in the series, with the longest hiatus lasting from 2018 to 2022. In addition to this significant problem, Togashi made a statement in a 2013 interview that might have negatively impacted the $30 million anime adaptation.

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The Worrisome Statement Made by the Creator

In an interview translated and shared by a fan, the creator Yoshihiro Togashi stated something that may have seriously impacted the anime (Hunter x Hunter)‘s future.

Yoshihiro Togashi
Yoshihiro Togashi

During the interview, when the creator was asked about how they came up with the idea of “Kurapika’s Past Events,” (a movie adaptation released in 2013). Togashi responded:

“When I was writing/drawing the Phantom Troupe arc. Speaking in terms of what volume, it was around volume 10. How many years ago was that… It’s been about ten years now. I can only remember in terms of decades since it’s all a bit hazy now. Things have been getting very tiring lately, so I don’t remember too well.”

He further added:

“Why/how I started was because, this was at a time when I didn’t think things would become so tiring so I thought I would immediately be able to put it onto paper. So, I wanted to draw out the relationship/conflict between the Phantom Troupe and Kurapika starting from their origins. I thought I would be able to finish it quickly, and I was able to finish Kurapika’s quickly. But shortly after, a lot happened and I ended up having to shelve it.”

Phantom Troupe
Phantom Troupe

He said he started the project without expecting it to be so tiring. He completed Kurapika’s part quickly, but then he had to stop due to different events. This statement might have been the last straw for Hunter X Hunter because fans liked the Kurapika’s backstory and the creator wanted to continue the relationship between the Phantom Troupe and Kurapika, but he stopped.


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Yoshihiro Togashi Also Revealed His Favorite Phantom Troupe

During the interview, the creator Yoshihiro Togashi was questioned about his preferred Phantom Troupe member and the reasons for his choice. He answered:

“It’s Danchou (Chrollo). This gets a bit off topic, but I can’t trust people who nominate themselves. So even when it comes to politics and politicians, I am very distrustful. I feel that everyone who has a strong desire to nominate themselves, as part of their personality, has a shared terrible quality within themselves. To go back on topic, Danchou is not someone who actively wanted/nominated himself to become Danchou.”

Chrollo Lucilfer
Chrollo Lucilfer

He further added the reason saying:


“Well, I try to explain this in my work so I won’t go too far into detail, but I like personalities who can say “this is how things are, so I will do my best.” This is because it is a quality I do not have. If people made a decision that was against my will, I would end up being rude, uninterested, and unmotivated. So, I think people who can do their best in that situation is amazing.” 

Togashi explained that Chrollo is his favorite Phantom Troupe and he admires him for becoming the group leader through the group’s choice, without self-nomination, and for wholeheartedly supporting and working for the group.

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