This Fascinating Meta Theory Suggests the TVA Uses Deadpool to Fix Bad Writing in the MCU

A fascinating new meta Marvel Cinematic Universe theory suggests that, in Deadpool 3, the TVA will recruit Deadpool to fix Marvel Studios' bad writing.

This Fascinating Meta Theory Suggests the TVA Uses Deadpool to Fix Bad Writing in the MCU


  • The recent trailer for Deadpool 3 - now officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine - confirmed the involvement of the Time Variance Authority in the movie.
  • Deadpool will be recruited by the TVA, along with Wolverine, to carry out a mission across the Marvel multiverse, where they'll encounter many live-action characters.
  • A new theory suggests the duo's task will actually be to fix bad writing, by changing the events of past Marvel movies to be better.
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Deadpool 3 has its official title: Deadpool & Wolverine. The first teaser trailer for the movie hit the internet during Super Bowl LVIII, giving superhero film fans their first glimpse at the wackiness it will offer.


One of the biggest reveals from the trailer was confirmation of the longstanding rumor that the Time Variance Authority would appear in the movie. The Time Variance Authority (or TVA for short) is the temporal enforcement organization seen in the Disney+ Loki series, which ensures time flows as it should in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Most people assume Deadpool and Wolverine will be tasked with killing rogue variants of live-action Marvel characters who deviated from the Sacred Timeline. However, a new theory by the YouTube channel New Rockstars suggests they’ll be tasked with fixing the lousy writing and plot holes in various live-action Marvel Studios and Fox superhero films.

Wade Wilson in Deadpool & Wolverine
Wade Wilson getting recruited by the TVA in Deadpool & Wolverine.

It’s genuinely intriguing and undoubtedly in line with the meta nature of Deadpool’s character. Deadpool and She-Hulk are the only characters in recent live-action superhero productions to acknowledge they’re characters in a fictional universe – remember how Jennifer Walters interacted with the artificial intelligence K.E.V.I.N., presented as the MCU’s author in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law? It set a precedent of Marvel Studios being self-deprecating about their poor writing that could continue in Deadpool & Wolverine.

So, How Will This Work?

The TVA will acknowledge the various incursions in realities across the live-action Marvel multiverse due to the countless plot holes created by poor writing and garbage adaptations.

They’ll require a Nexus Being to fix it all. In the concept of the MCU, a Nexus Being is a character who is the same in every universe and has the power to alter the multiverse. The other prime example is Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch.


Deadpool’s status as a Nexus Being appears to have been confirmed by his exclamation that he’s “the Messiah” and “Marvel Jesus” in the Deadpool 3 teaser trailer. Upon discovering he’s special, everyone would expect this type of reaction from the character.

The TVA in Deadpool & Wolverine
The TVA in Deadpool & Wolverine.

Deadpool and the TVA’s other recruit, Wolverine, will therefore embark on a question across the live-action Marvel movie multiverse to fix all plots that were written badly.

It’s an adventure that could take them to unexpected places – even those outside the MCU and Fox’s X-Men movie universe. As well as poorly written films like 2023’s Thor: The Dark World and 2019’s Dark Phoenix, the duo could end up rewriting the events of 2015’s Fant4stic, 2007’s Spider-Man 3, 2004’s Blade: Trinity, 1989’s The Punisher, and even 1986’s Howard the Duck.


It’s already confirmed that Jennifer Garner’s Elektra Natchios will appear in the film, which fits this theory perfectly, as both 2003’s Daredevil and 2005’s Elektra, in which she appeared, were critically panned.

There’s even a possibility that they’ll “fix” poorly received live-action Marvel television shows, so the characters from shows like ABC’s Inhumans and Netflix’s Iron Fist should undoubtedly be on guard.

Wade Wilson in Deadpool & Wolverine
Wade Wilson declares himself “the Messiah” and “Marvel Jesus” in Deadpool & Wolverine.

The possibilities are endless if this theory is accurate and will make for a truly unique, unprecedented, and thoroughly entertaining movie.


Will Deadpool and Wolverine Succeed?

Given Deadpool’s irritating and nonconformist nature, the likelihood of him falling in line with the TVA is slim – in fact, the trailer already shows him battling them.

Therefore, it’s more than likely he and Wolverine will fail in their mission, resulting in the countless incursions around the multiverse remaining and leading directly to Avengers: Secret Wars.

The Secret Wars comic book in the trailer may have been shown to Deadpool and Wolverine to highlight what will happen if they fail – and it’s a failure that will likely result in them participating in the resulting movie event in 2027.


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