All The Nexus Beings In The Marvel Universe From Scarlet Witch to Kang

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The Marvel Universe has a plethora of individuals who possess super abilities. Some are gifted with super speed, some with flight, strength and so on. But only a few possess the insane powers to wreck reality, and the multiverse subsequently. These entities are called Nexus in the Marvel Universe. They are the keystones of multiverses who can influence the flow of time and probability to alter the future. There are several events when these Nexus Beings caused massive shifts in the multiverses, let alone the universe. It is believed that every universe houses one Nexus. Now that the MCU is setting up multiverses and indicating at Nexus beings in Phase 4 with WandaVision and Loki, we must learn more about them. So here are the powerful figures in the Marvel Universe who are considered as Nexus Beings.


Kang the Conqueror

Unlike other entities on this list, Kang the Conqueror aka Nathaniel Richards uses technological advancements instead of magic to become one of the most invincible and formidable powerhouses across the Marvel Universe. Hailing from the 30th century of Earth- 6311, Kang has travelled through time from the dawn of the universe, intending to conquer the multiverse. Thanks to his countless adventures through time, Kang has lived through the millennium and has had many identities and reincarnations. He made his debut in Fantastic Four as a distant descendant of Reed Richards and is soon going to appear in the MCU.


Scarlet Witch

Talking about the most powerful being of Earth-616 automatically brings up Scarlet Witch. A significant part of Marvel and the Avengers, Wanda is the Nexus Being of her universe. As recently revealed even in WandaVision, Wanda draws her gigantic powers from Chaos Magic which can alter realities. Her Hexes allow her to shift reality around her and make anything possible without breaking a sweat. We witnessed what Scarlet Witch was capable of in WandaVision and her powers weren’t even at their apex.



Sise-Neg was a sorcerer who belonged to the 31st Century of Earth- 74113 where mankind had mastered the ability to wield magic, thus draining their earth of the limited mystic energy. Sise-Neg devised a time-travelling technique to source more mystic powers and embarked on a journey back in history when the magic forces were created. While absorbing all these powers through time, his paths crossed with Doctor Strange’s who was following his nemesis, Baron Mordo, after the latter found a way to travel back in time and steal magic in Sise-Neg’s writings. However, after siphoning powers off Shuma-Gorath, Sise-Neg attained enough wisdom to not alter reality but leave the universe as it is.


A sorcerer and a wizard, Merlyn was an iconic figure in the Marvel Universe who had also served as the Sorcerer Supreme once. His undying dedication to honing his mystic powers elevated him as a central figure in the magical realm of the Otherworld. With the responsibility to protect the Omniverse, he formed the Captain Britain Corps, a team of matrix-powered individuals to safeguard the realities.


Alternate Universe

The “Timequake” issue of the “What If” series brought more Nexus Beings across the multiverse, Ultra-Vision from Earth- 90110, Franklin Richards from Earth- 772, Phoenix of Earth- 9250, Odin of Earth- 9260 and Scarlet Witch of Earth- 616. These Nexus Beings were targeted by the Time Twisters who had recruited another version of Immortus to hop from one reality to another, stealing powers from these powerhouses.

In the comic books, Nexus Beings were powerful enough to destroy the Time Keepers and sparked so much damage that Uatu the Watcher was compelled to join the Time Variance Authority to preserve the timeline. Considering what’s taking place in the MCU at the moment, it’s impossible to hold our euphoria wondering how all of this would be translated to the big screen.


Written by Ipshita Barua

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