Loki Setting Up MCU’s Own Flashpoint Saga: Avengers 5 Will Be About A New Multiverse War

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Loki’s first episode gave us a quick glance at the concept of the Multiverse and alternate timelines. The Avengers had only concerned themselves with fighting planetary and cosmic level threats. The superheroes of the MCU are going to face a much bigger adversary, thanks to the sequence of events set in motion in the very first episode of Loki. The Loki series is setting up a much bigger movie than Avengers: Endgame. A War of the Multiverse might be in the cards. Marvel is creating ts own Flashpoint saga.


In Episode 1 of Loki, we were introduced to a deluge of new characters – the TVA, Mobius M Mobius, a rogue Loki variant, the Time Keepers, and a 2012 Loki variant. The Miss Minutes scene gave us some vital information on the TVA. Long ago, there were multiple timelines vying for control. War erupted between them and chaos ensued. The Time Keepers decided to chip in and protect the sacred timeline and keep alternate timelines in check.


It is the Miss Minutes Sequence that gave us the very first clue. There’s something bigger in order. The MCU is about to explode and all the Avengers could be for now are silent spectators.

The Original Multiverse


Time was once fluid and unobstructed. There existed multiple timelines existing in tandem. When the Multiverse War erupted, everything went to hell. The Time Keepers created the TVA to ensure a clash between timelines never happens again. The TVA has been subtly intervening whenever a variant creates an alternate timeline.

The TVA explains Loki is a variant and he should never have existed in the first place. The Avengers’ Time Heist was supposed to happen because it was part of the Sacred Timeline the TVA had vowed to protect. Loki wasn’t. These explanations point to many plot elements in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Both movies explore the concept of multiple realities and possibly time travel.


A Major Nexus Event Is About To Occur

The nexus event concept was already teased in WandaVision. In Loki, the TVA is also aware of such events. Nexus events lead to the sacred timeline branching out and creating variants. One such event led to 2012 Loki escaping with the Tesseract. A rogue Loki variant that has been killing TVA soldiers is also a result of another Nexus Event. There might be a connection.


Maybe, just maybe, the TVA and the 2012 Loki screw up in a mission in the future, which leads to one more Nexus Event. A new Loki Time variant is created and that’s how the TVA gets its Frankenstein’s Monster. In Spider-Man: No way Home, many villains from other cinematic universes will be coming to the MCU. A major Nexus Event is surely in order. Since No Way Home’s casting is already done, it implies that the TVA failed to contain No Way Home’s nexus event as well.

What does this prove? It means despite the all-powerful image they project, even the TVA fails to prevent Nexus Events at times. Not everything is within their hands. Sometimes, things are beyond their control.


Avengers 5 Will Be About A War Between Timelines – A Multiverse War

A Nexus Event beyond the formidable TVA’s control means serious business. The MCU is most certainly moving towards a Multiverse concept. Loki, Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man: No Way home – all point towards that being the case. A Timelines War could erupt within the new Multiverse – exactly what the TVA is supposed to prevent. We might also see alternate versions of superheroes and new supervillains jumping from one timeline to another, escalating the situation to Kingdom Come.


As of now, there are not many superhero teams in the MCU. The Avengers are outnumbered. The Guardians of the Galaxy are not in very good shape either. The Eternals are new to the game. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four are going to come to the MCU one way or the other. Maybe the Multiverse War would serve as the key to their debut.

Loki Is Just a Harbinger For The Things To Come

The MCU has cleverly and subtly put in the seeds for MCU Phase 4 and beyond into the overall story. The Miss Minutes scene has given us more information than we could have ever bargained for. Alternate timelines, time travel, the multiverse – Loki has it all. These will be the core foundation of the new MCU.


Brace yourselves. A War to end all wars is coming!!!


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