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‘This Feels Like Damage Control’: Aquaman 2 Getting Ben Affleck Back As Batman May Be WB’s Last Ditch To Save Face After Infamous Amber Heard Controversy

DC Extended Universe is getting larger with Aquaman 2Black Adam, and Shazam: Fury of the Gods on their way. The movies will introduce new threats and launch new actors into the live-action CBM fray. In the aftermath of the Amber Heard controversy, if Warner Bros.’ efforts to shove in a Batman cameo in Aquaman 2 is their plan to “save face”, then who are we to say otherwise?

Jason Momoa in Aquaman
Jason Momoa portrays Arthur Curry aka the King of Atlantis in Aquaman

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If Ben Affleck indeed appears for the DCEU film, it will serve as the fourth franchise film where both Affleck and Jason Momoa will make their appearance together as Batman and Aquaman respectively, after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Justice League Snyder’s Cut.

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What the Amber Heard Controversy Means For WB

When the London Fields actress was cast as Princess Mera in Aquaman, it was a remarkable opportunity for Amber Heard to establish herself on the frontlines after having a rather dull career. However, her 2018 op-ed which came out in The Washington Post about the same time as the movie’s release, marked her in a trial battle with former husband Johnny Depp. After 4 years, the trial still wages as Heard and Depp were thrown in the spotlight after evidence of emotional and physical abuse was presented and the courtroom proceedings were publicly televised.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

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Needless to say, both parties suffered massively at the hands of the public, seeing both sides of the coin of public scrutiny as a victim and a perpetrator. Hollywood too, hasn’t been kind to them as Amber Heard’s Aquaman role bore the brunt and Warner Bros. has been scuttling for saving scraps of their rapidly disintegrating reputation in the aftermath of their countless controversies in association with Amber Heard, Zack Snyder, and of course, Ezra Miller.

Amber Heard as Mera in DCEU’s Aquaman

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WB’s Attempts at Reparation in Aquaman 2 After Depp-Heard Trial

The Aquaman 2 film, titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently Warner Bros.’ latest film that will feature Amber Heard’s role of Mera. The disdain and mockery left in the wake of the actress’s public scandal will become heightened in the aftermath of Aquaman 2‘s release. Under the circumstances, it is nearly impossible to reshoot the entire film and it is also out of the question for WB to halt its release.

Ben Affleck reportedly making a cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Ben Affleck reportedly making a cameo in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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The next logical attempt for Warner Bros. to save face will be bringing in a bigger character that will be aimed at shifting the spotlight from the ridicule that the studio is bound to face due to Heard’s active role in the movie. That bigger character then becomes Ben Affleck’s cameo as Batman under natural selection. However, to what end? That yet remains to be seen. In the meantime, the public reaction to the Batfleck cameo turns hilarious by the second.

Aquaman 2 directed by James Wan and written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, will be featuring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Dolph Lundgren, Nicole Kidman, and Randall Park on the main cast roster.

Aquaman 2 premieres on 17 March 2023.

Source: Deadline

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