“This film had no marketing at all”: Bill Skarsgård’s Boy Kills World Bombs at the Box-Office Despite its Budget Record But Fans Blame Studio for Failure

Amid box office failure of Bill Skarsgård’s ‘Boy Kills World’, netizens accuse Studio of the film's setback.



  • Directed by Moritz Mohr, Bill Skarsgård’s Boy Kills World was initially expected to bag $2M during the opening weekend.
  • Boy Kills World unfortunately earned $1.6M domestically, after the first three days, despite an estimated $18M budget.
  • Fans on social media blame the production studio for lack of marketing for the failure of the action flick, at the box office.
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Weathering an unusual path to theaters, Bill Skarsgård’s recently released Boy Kills World witnessed a rough start at the box office. With Lionsgate/Roadside distributing the film and Nthibah Pictures financing it, Moritz Mohr’s movie about a deaf and mute fighter named Boy, who vowed his family’s revenge, suffered a major blow during the opening weekend.

Bill Skarsgård stars as the titular character in Moritz Mohr's Boy Kills World
Bill Skarsgård as Boy in Moritz Mohr’s Boy Kills World

Kicking off with a rather slow opening, below its original $2M projections, Boy Kills World failed to impress audiences and critics. Hammerstone Studios producer Alex Lebovici grieved that despite a massive production budget and significant marketing, the movie failed to sustain. Meanwhile, fans on X appear to blame Studios for its failure.

Bill Skarsgård’s Boy Kills World Bombed at Box Office

Helmed by Moritz Mohr, the 2024 ultra-violent flick Boy Kills World starring Bill Skarsgård hit the theatres on April 26. Withstanding a difficult path to the big screen, the movie narrated the tale of Boy, who pledged to avenge his family, following their murder by the deranged matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty, Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen).


Produced by Hammerstone Studios, financed by Nthibah Pictures, and distributed by Lionsgate/Roadside, Bill Skarsgård’s Boy Kills World was initially expected to earn around $2M during the opening weekend, in just under 2,000 theaters, via Deadline reports. But unfortunately, Moritz Mohr’s action flick only managed to bag $1.6M at the domestic box office, in a 3-day total.

Bill Skarsgård and Jessica Rothe
Bill Skarsgård and Jessica Rothe in a still from Boy Kills World

Although the budget has not been officially reported, the average budget hints at $18M, as per Hammerstone Studios producer Alex Lebovici’s current managing reports. Therefore, considering the estimated $18M budget for Boy Kills World, the movie needs to make somewhere between $20 and $50 million, to break even.

Netizens Blame Studios for Boy Kills World’s Failure

Despite claiming to have undergone decent marketing, as Bill Skarsgård’s Boy Kills World fails at the box office, it seems the movie might be in sheer need of strong word of mouth. But as producer Alex Lebovici laments the opening weekend failure of the film, netizens appear to blame the studio for the consequences.


Although Boy Kills World’s failure has been attributed to various factors, netizens seem to purposefully attack studios that were involved in its production and distribution. Claiming to have never heard of or seen any advertisement for Boy Kills World, despite Lebovici’s proclaimed marketing, fans seem to accuse Hammerstone Studios and Lionsgate of the downfall of the film.



Irrespective of the intriguing premise and iconic action sequences, as Bill Skarsgård’s movie faced a disappointing box office performance, fans cited the film’s limited marketing and release strategy as contributing factors to its poor box office results. Explaining the importance of proper marketing, netizens accused production and distribution studios of ruining its chances of success.

Boy Kills World is currently running at your nearest theatres. 


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